views of west MAUI

To say that we love vacationing in Maui would be putting it mildly. If I could financially make it happen I would spend at least a whole month on this island every year. This year we almost made it happen, ALMOST… 13 days is not 30 days but it’s definitely a lot more than we have ever done before. It worked out perfectly with the Labor day holiday giving us those few extra days off, that and my boss taking a bit of a longer vacation making it easy for me in that I  didn’t have to request extra time off.

Having all those days spread out in front of us, we tried to make the most of it and get in as much as possible. It was also important that we got in enough beach time for both sunbathing and sand castle building. Today is Tuesday 2 days until we leave this beautiful paradise on earth and during my baby’s nap I decided to upload some photos to my blog. These photos I’m sharing are scenes taken in mid day sunlight so they are super bright and sunny but I hope you’ll enjoy the beautiful land and seascapes of  West – NorthWest Maui!

I am also sharing 2 photos of the sunset as viewed from our condo’s back patio.




Maui Trip Day 1

Aloha from Maui,

I am aiming to try to keep a good vacation journal here on my blog, my scope is to capture the day in words and photographs so that someday (years from now) we can look back and really have a good picture of what this trip was like… so with no further ado, I give you – DAY ONE!

We started out early in the morning with an 8:30 direct flight. Due to heavy winds our trip lasted 6 hours rather than the predicted 5.25 hours.  By the time the captain came on the intercom to announce that in 15 minutes we would be landing in Maui the whole plane full of people burst out in cheer. Seth was a real trooper, this was his second time on a plane to Maui, his first flight ever to Maui was when he was 13 months old and due to an emergency on the plane we had to turn back to PDX when we were already halfway to Hawaii. That total flight time ended up being somewhere over 10 hours, I would say 6 hours is definitely more doable.

This time he had one total tantrum/outburst and I count myself absolutely blessed to have not had more. For the most part he spent his time playing on the iPad  and the other time running up and down the isle -got one nasty look from a middle age lady, but it didn’t really get me down -ok only for a second… because as a little old lady sitting across the isle from me said “it’s hard enough for us to sit still for this long let alone a 2 year old.” Those words really were a balm to my frazzled nerves, I get a bit nervous when I know that me or one of mine is disturbing the peace of those around and I try to do whatever possible to bring peace to the situation. 🙂 All in all it was a smooth ride, only thing would have made it better and that is Seth getting a nap, that did not happen.

After arriving we quickly disembarked and made our way to luggage claim and then out to the busses that took us to our car rental. We picked out our small SUV we had rented through Costco car rentals (best deal ever) and made our way to the store to stock up on yogurt, milk, granola, and oh so much fruit. A couple hours later we were arriving at our condo located in the heart of Wailea just up the road from the Shops at Wailea, we found this condo through VRBO. Seth had napped the whole car ride (with stops to the stores) total nap time 1.5 hours, making it perfect for us in that after quickly unpacking we were able to  change and hit the beach with a well rested child.

Our Condo is perfect in every way, it is a two bedroom with 3 balconies and 2 bathrooms, in condo washer and dryer and really beautifully decorated. The view from the main veranda is of the surrounding gardens and the sprawling ocean ahead. We are not located right on the beach and really that is the only draw back in my opinion but not too hard on us since the view allows us to see the ocean as well as the pool just across the driveway.

Ariving at Wailea Beach a public beach with sprawling soft golden sand and sporting showers and bathrooms we were surprised to find it pretty much empty. Although to the left of us it looked like storm clouds were brewing,  above and to the right of us the sky was clear and absolutely stunning with its deep bleu graduating shades. At first touch the ocean seemed slightly chilly but after less than a minute of wading in the shallow surf, I was ready for a full dunk even though I only waded in to my thighs. I had brought my camera along to capture some photos and wasn’t willing to put my camera down, there’s plenty of time for a good swim tomorrow.

For dinner we used our Maui Revealed for suggestions and went to a little diner called Peggy Sue’s. From the front it doesn’t look like much but once you step through the doors you are transported to the late 50’s with it’s color schemes and very classically designed booths. It was perfect along with the large juke box playing Johnny B Good just as were taking our seats. The meals were good, nothing really outstanding as we both chose things that were not their specialty but I have to say that when we decided to share a chocolate milkshake (their top seller), the experience -food wise really turned around for me.

After dinner we drove down the street to a little scenic look out  -I think this spot would make a perfect date night finale stop, if you catch my drift… where we walked on the beach and I was able to take a few shots of the warm glow from the sunset over the water. This day was so perfect in every way that any little snafu from earlier on  just didn’t mater.

Aloha ahiahi from Maui,


Aloha ahiahi – Goodnight