Angels Rest | Columbia Gorge Hike

This hike is a winding trail (#415) on the western end of the Columbia River Gorge that takes you up to great views. It starts at about river level and quickly climbs up through trees and then over boulders before rising to a bluff above the river.  From the top, you’ll get a spectacular 270 degree view of the Gorge, including many landmarks like Beacon Rock and Silver Star Mountain. -gorgefriends.org

Hiking in the Columbia Gorge is the number one thing I love about where I live. I love being able to get out of the city and be in nature and the beauty in the Gorge is for lack of better words – soothing to my soul. Today on Valentine’s day I got to experience this hike for the second time with my long time friend Tabitha, it was such a special day, full of reflection and admiration of God’s artistic and creative attributes.

Another achievement on this hike to the top of Angels Rest is that I finally go to see THE BENCH. This massive wooden bench was carried up to the top of Angels Rest by a loving husband who lost his young wife. I had the privilege of meeting Susan Hendricks husband, Jeff and their son while I was in my Dental Hygiene Program at Mt. Hood Community College.  Their story and the husband’s commitment to his wife’s memory was extremely moving. Although I had been up here before I wasn’t able to locate the bench, as we found out today it was not placed in an obvious spot, once you get to the top you must continue forward (past where the crowds stop to have their lunch) and take a left onto a narrow winding path. So glad my friend located it today, it provided us a perfect place for a snack and rest for our tired feet.

Hope you enjoy this collection of photos from our time out in nature.


photography challenge – Green

All things are artificial, for nature is the art of God.
Thomas Browne

Today was a work day which meant that I had limited time to take photos. My drive to work takes me through some beautiful rural areas and I when I saw what the day’s prompt was I knew I’d find something green to photograph along the way. Keep in mind that I literally had 5 extra minutes and so I would stop the car, turn on hazards, maybe scale down a few feet of gravel or up a little hill  then try to capture what i saw in a way that it would translate to the photograph.  I think the first and last photos are my favorites, how about you?

50mm f/5 1/40s ISO 160 SOOC - i love the softness in this photo so no post processing necessary in my opinion.

50mm f/9 1/60s ISO 100 the back roads to work is quite scenic and I so wish i had a wide lens to have been able to take some shots of the beautiful landscapes.

50mm f/3.2 1/400sec ISO 100 this photo is cropped way down. sometimes I don't have a clear idea of what my subject should be but I like what's in front of me. But then I look at my photos and in post processing I figure out hmm… that should have been my subject. this is definitely the case for this one. I should have taken a shot of the grass and moss growing around these little trees.

50mm f/7.1 1/400sec ISO 100. Love this photo it is definitely my favorite of all of the ones I took today. I love the different layers of green throughout the photograph and I love the serenity of the sheep taking their morning break from foraging.

 Hope you are enjoying following my journey and if you like please join in. I am doing a 30 day photography challenge and the prompts are here.


Bobi Crisan