Angels Rest | Columbia Gorge Hike

This hike is a winding trail (#415) on the western end of the Columbia River Gorge that takes you up to great views. It starts at about river level and quickly climbs up through trees and then over boulders before rising to a bluff above the river.  From the top, you’ll get a spectacular 270 degree view of the Gorge, including many landmarks like Beacon Rock and Silver Star Mountain. -gorgefriends.org

Hiking in the Columbia Gorge is the number one thing I love about where I live. I love being able to get out of the city and be in nature and the beauty in the Gorge is for lack of better words – soothing to my soul. Today on Valentine’s day I got to experience this hike for the second time with my long time friend Tabitha, it was such a special day, full of reflection and admiration of God’s artistic and creative attributes.

Another achievement on this hike to the top of Angels Rest is that I finally go to see THE BENCH. This massive wooden bench was carried up to the top of Angels Rest by a loving husband who lost his young wife. I had the privilege of meeting Susan Hendricks husband, Jeff and their son while I was in my Dental Hygiene Program at Mt. Hood Community College.  Their story and the husband’s commitment to his wife’s memory was extremely moving. Although I had been up here before I wasn’t able to locate the bench, as we found out today it was not placed in an obvious spot, once you get to the top you must continue forward (past where the crowds stop to have their lunch) and take a left onto a narrow winding path. So glad my friend located it today, it provided us a perfect place for a snack and rest for our tired feet.

Hope you enjoy this collection of photos from our time out in nature.


Chasing the Sun

Continuing  on with the Landscape theme… last night as I was driving my son to his Awana class I took a little detour and drove along the Columbia River to capture some shots as the sun was setting. The weather was amazing, it’s hard to believe it’s January as warm as it felt as I was taking these shots.My dad warns me that a warm winter means a cold summer which really bums me out if that is in fact true. I very much hope he is wrong about this.

I started out near Blue Lake park where it is more inland, then drove west on Marine Drive to capture some photos after the sun had set and the sky was such a gorgeous color. I know the shot of Mt. Hood is pretty lame because all of the interrupting power lines and such but I had to snap it. I have this goal that someday I’ll get an amazing shot of Mt. Hood you know one like photographer Ben Canales has done. If you don’t know who he is check out his website thestartrail.com, it’ll blow your mind. I’m in love with Landscape Photography, so excited to learn more and more about this type of photography, someday hoping to do one of Ben’s workshops. Until then…

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This is my 2nd time photographing this lovely family, and I love the location on the Columbia river. Even though we were limited on time we sure made quick work of getting as many photos in as possible. Hope you’ll enjoy this selection…
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