Luke {development}

mr. luke mason was born at 3:50 pm on Monday November 28th, 2011. you can ck out his birth story here, his big brother Seth is only 1 year and 7 mons older and refers to him as “uke”.  So far they get along wonderfully, it’s absolutely adorable.


11.28. to 12.28

Luke has gone from 7.9 pounds to 7.0 to 8.10 all in one month. he is now 21.25 inches long and growing strong. He sleeps in a bassinet next to mama’s bed and eats every 3-4 hours day and night. so far he has had some difficulty with diaper rashes and we have just recently found what’s been causing it recur and that is a sensitivity to baby wipes. so now we just use nasal tissues without any chemicals. Compared to his big brother this little guy is adjusting to a much more active daily schedule as he was born during the holiday season and we have been on the go more than we were when Seth was born. Also it was not as big of an adjustment as it is the first time around.

Here are photos from Luke’s first month of life:

Luke turned 2 months today.
23 inches long 10.2 pounds
75% for height and 25% for weight and head circumference.
doc says he looks absolutely perfect and I agree.
eating: 4-7 oz at one feeding
longest sleeping period 6 hours and it is now in his own room (my sleep quality has greatly improved since we moved him out of our room at 6 weeks.
new thing this month is that he started giggling – he has done it a few days in a row now and it is absolutely beyond words. I was so happy to capture a quick video of him doing this which I will post to my youtube account soon. Every time he giggles it makes me smile from ear to ear it is absolutely infectious.
baby acne has cleared up and his skin is looking so much better (so happy about this)
Diaper rash issue is resolved but we still don’t use wipes as we believe his skin to be sensitive to something in the baby wipes.
he is such a joy to have around and I am so grateful for him. I know that there are many developmental changes on the horizon but for now I am enjoying this baby stage.
His older brother is getting better at knowing how to act and handle the baby every day. It’s sweet to hear Seth call him “Uke”.
he is really good about sleeping through most anything and anywhere, so right now he is really easy to take with me wherever I go.
Recently when I’ve sung to him at night he has seemed to be more aware and smile at me, which of course only makes my heart melt.
Month 2 Collage
I’ve been trying to decide what stuffed animal to use to document his growth with, here were the options:
stuffed animal collection
and the WINNER is:  the pony – i loved all the colors.
Here he is so far:
months one and two
I can see the slightest of difference in Luke from month one to the next. I am so curious to see the changes as they take place each month and I wonder how much longer this outfit will work in the photos…  I’d like to at least use his sweater to the end of his first year. that will really give a good picture of his physical development.
Month Three
Unfortunatly for my update I don’t have stats. Luke doesn’t get another appointment until the 4 month ck up in March. We will get that info in three weeks. 🙂
it really does a good job of bring you up to date with his development.
quick review: sleeps about 6 hours continually at night every night.
Eats at most 6-7 oz of formula (usually at night) but during the day it’s more like 4-5 oz. Still has almost 8 stools a day and lots of wet diapers. Is awake a lot more during the day, but takes short naps a lot during the day. I noticed today that he does grab for my hand/fingers or whatever is in the way like blankie. He uses a pacifier pretty well, and it does soothe him. He makes great eye contact and loves to coo and smile and giggle with me every day. Also he has been spending a few minutes daily in the bumbo.Things that I am expecting to see soon is rolling over from front to back and grasping for things in his line of view.

Month 3 in iPhone photos-wearing big bro’s old Mr. Adorable onsie.

Months 1-2-3 / slight change in location of photo shoot ;)-changes- new jeans ( as the old ones are a bit too short) same top; the grey striped top is getting shorter in the torso. can you tell?

Luke is 3 months old photo shoot


Luke at 4 months:

we have yet to have our 4 month visit with his pediatrician so I have no current stats…

however: Luke has started solids as of Monday, my mom started with freshly purred apples and bananas and I repeated the bananas today. We have a little Magic bullet and it works perfectly in purreing fruits so I had some bananas and the kid ate quite a bit. I remember that it was quite an ordeal when I introduced solids to Seth so I was surprised to see Luke so easily take to the food. He is saying things like mom and ma randomly making those noises, it’s so cute I know he has no clue that he is doing it and it’s rare but it has happened a few times now. Seth said ma ma ma around the 4 month mark as well so I was expecting and hoping this would be the case with Luke. I’m sure Chris would have loved to hear da da come out first but well we can’t force these things. ;)

He sits up in his bumbo quite easily and holds his head up steadily for a bit, but it eventually becomes bobbly again, so we still have to be quite careful to support him. He has been gripping things really easily and loves holding on to my fingers and hands and mostly grabbing onto my hair and pulling as if to balance himself. He has started also lifting his head and chest off the couch as if trying to sit up. It’s great seeing these little changes and after spending some time with a friend and her two toddlers  it  made me realize that not too long from now I’ll be looking at two toddlers and that I really need to slow the time down and cherish every moment because before I know it my little Lukie will be running around getting himself into all kinds of mischief.

Luke at FIVE Months
So unfortunately I was not in town on my little Luke’s 5 month b-day. We (Chris Seth and I ) were in Maui while Lukie was at grandma and grandpa’s house. He had a blast, my mom sent me photos every day and we did very well while separated.
So my little Lukie is growing up so fast he is eating everything really all vegetables and fruits and even other foods that I soften for him. His sleep at night however sucks. I was hoping he would be sleeping through the night by now, he had been doing a lot better a couple of months ago, now the longest he sleeps is 4-5 hours. Having to work makes this schedule very difficult to handle. Thank God for my mom who takes on 2 nights for me. Without her I have a feeling I would be in some trouble, even so it never feels like I will catch up on my sleep. Ok back to Lukie, he is able to sit in the bumbo well he sits in a walker and exer-saucer and loves to play with toys. he can take his binky out and back into his mouth. He can also roll over from back to stomach and vice versa. The kid is a cutie-pattutie he loves to laugh and if you even look at him sideways you can get him rolling with laughter. most people who come into any contact with him find him ridiculously endearing, and as his mom I can really understand why. Oh yeah I forgot the kid has a really strong set of lungs on him, when he gets excited or tired he starts shrieking really loudly and I have to say that I’m not a fan of the shrieking. However it’s hard to teach a 5 month old to obey your every desire. 🙂 here are the only 2 photos from his 5 month birthday that my momma sent me while we were away.

Luke and his grandpa

Luke is 6 Months old!
again I failed to put together a collage of photos from this last month but that is what you get from a mom who is working 3 days a week and when home with the boys I have not been taking a lot of photos, however I did manage to get some shots in so I’m including one in this post.
Update on Luke Mason Crisan
he is 1/2 of a whole year old! woohoo!!!
have no clue how much he weights or what his height is. he should be going in for his appointment soon.
he is a chunky monkey though. loves to eat everything that i put in his mouth.
biggest change this month… LUKE FINALY GOT HIS CRIB!!!
i finally moved Seth into his big boy bed and that way Luke got his brother’s crib.
He is adjusting to sleeping in there but doing good.
He is def. teething. everything goes into his mouth and when he puts stuff in his mouth he romps on it like he would like to tear it to shreads. he is much more cranky at times and this also tells me something is making him that way. because i know he is fed, changed and not tired my mommy sense tells me it must be teeth.
I love getting out of the house with the boys, now that it is nicer out and Luke is older it is a little easier.
Differences between Luke and Seth – SLEEP Paterns!
Luke still does not do well with self soothing where as we had trained Seth pretty early on to do so and putting him down for a nap has never been an issue. Luke is another matter. Some times he goes down like a rock no problem but more oftern than not he ahs a hard time. I think I’m gonna make a real effort in training him to self sooth. No Fun!
6th month Head Shot 😉

7 Months…

My littlest man is now 7 months old and as cute as a button. He recently had his check up appointment and got a thumbs up from his pediatrician, here are his most recent stats: 17.03 lbs and 27 inches long. He is growing up a bit too fast for me but then there are days that I feel excited for when he is past this infant stage and into the toddler one. My fear is that as he grows up there will be many changes and one that I am scared I am gonna miss is how his whole face lights up at the sound of his big brother’s voice.

He is such a sweetheart and such a happy baby. He really doesn’t discriminate at all, no matter who smiles his way he just beams at them. Most people, women and men alike are drawn to his easy smile and ready giggle. I am often told that he is “such a big flirt”, oh boy I’m in trouble ;=)

6-7 month milestones:  YES!

  • He eats solid foods, for a couple of months now, and looks to be loving it.
  • First teeth are in halfway… his lower central incisors started erupting last week and since the beginning of last week he has been pretty  miserable. (teething has been so painful for him, he cries more, eats less and wakes more at night) :=(
  • Turns toward sounds and voices
  • rolls over in both directions
  • drags objects towards himself
  • passes object from hand to hand
  • lunges forward
  • mouths objects
  • jabber
  • puts syllables together: he says MA-MA a lot especially when he is sleepy or cranky

6-7 months milestones – NOT YET…(few babies reach these milestones at 6-7 months old especially boys)

  • Sits without support
  • starts crawling
  • raising himself up from sitting position
  •  starts to exhibit stranger anxiety
  •  waves goodbye
  • stands while holding onto something
  • Bangs objects together
  • begins to understand object permanence

As summer is making its to the Pacific NW (very slowly I might add) we are getting out of hibernation more and more these days and although Luke still gets 2 -3 naps a day 8-10, 2-4  and sometimes an extra 30 min here and there when we are coming home from somewhere, I  try to get out with them 2-3 days out of the week. It’s usually no more than a 3 hour trips as we have to fit it in between naps for both Luke and Seth.  I am so grateful that for the most part the afternoon nap they take at the same time, Seth only takes one nap which, I find I am totally happy with because it’s a long 2-3 hour nap.

I find that now that I am doing this baby thing for the 2nd time around I am more laid back about that changes from one stage to the next, I am not as surprised with the different nuances and of course that is because it is no longer my first experience. One thing I have noticed is that I find myself comparing the boys. How Seth was at this stage vs. Luke and I find there are many differences and also many similarities. For instance both boys were pretty particular about getting their naps but I was a bit more rigid with Seth from the get-go where as with Luke his nap schedule kind of evolved around me making Seth’s schedule work. It was a bit challenging but I am liking where we are now, not to say that it won’t soon change again.  Another difference between them is the teething: Luke’s teeth are coming in 3 months earlier than Seth’s did. Not too thrilled about this as Luke is also a bit more sensitive than Seth and having a much harder time than Seth did. His first tooth eruption didn’t even phase him where it’s been such an ordeal with Luke. However where Luke outshines Seth is in feeding, he is way better at eating solids than Seth was. Seth couldn’t get the hang of it for 3-4 months it was a challenge, Luke on the other hand loves solids and eats anything you’ll give him.

For me as a mom of 2 boys I find that I need my breaks more often now, I relish my time with the boys and love every moment that I get to love on them and play and make them smile. I love talking and reading to both the boys but I absolutely love how much Luke loves to hear Seth talk and especially when Seth interacts directly with Luke. It’s such a sight to see, melts my heart completely. On the other hand at the end of a full day of mommy-duty I am spent and tired and a bit cranky. I def. need my weekly outlet of either a coffee date with a friend or if that can’t happen I have to go for a run to just have time with my own frazzled thoughts. I don’t know what it is about raising a toddler and an infant  at the same time but it is definitely a tiring job. I look forward to putting them down to sleep at night just as much as I look forward to when they wake up in the morning. Anyone else feel this same way???

Well enough about all that, here are some photos of Luke at 7 months and of course a shot his big brother Seth:

7.23.12 – this little munchkin is 5 days shy of 8 months and last night for the first time he slept 10 hours. I woke up at 12 and at 3 to put his binky in but he went on to sleep until 5:45 am from 8 pm the previous night. at this time I fed him about 6oz of milk and laid him back down until 7:30. This has been the best night’s sleep we both have had since his birth. I am so proud and hopeful that things are moving in the right direction as fas as his sleep is concerned.


hi there just a day or so late on this post… LUKE IS 9 MONTHS OLD!!!

officially he has been OUTSIDE the womb as long as he was INSIDE. he has grown and matured so much in this time and I am truly loving this stage, I know I have and will say this for every stage.

He has been sleeping through the night since the last post when I wrote about his first full night sleep. The only exception being mainly last night. He is teething and has developed a sinus congestion thing it is now evident to me that every time a tooth breaks through Luke gets an upper respiratory issue. He is not running a fever, he is not having any bowel troubles and is eating for the most part normally. The only issues are his sleep. He has not been able to sleep for more than 2 hours at a time and it’s miserable for the both of us. I feel like a zombie again. Reminds me a lot of the first few months. 😉

the good stuff… he is really working on crawling, not fully there though. what he does do on an expert level is zoom through our house in his walker I remember when he used to only be able to shuffle backwards, now… we have to watch out for him because when he runs into our feet with his walker it is painful. Poor Seth has had a few ouchies from the walker hitting his little feet. He is also a pro at sliding on his belly all over our house, if you take your eyes off of him for more than a minute he could already be in the next room. I am just relieved that since we had the kids so close together our house is child-proofed.

So at his 9 month check up I found out he is about 40% for height and 25% for weight which is mind boggling since I think he is so chubby. What do I know??? But I seriously think those stats need to be updated or something. Not that I’m complaining I am just happy that he is healthy and happy. Doctor has no concerns and either do I so all’s good on that front. Luke has his lower 2 front teeth and on Monday I found out that the upper 2 front teeth are just about ready to emerge the doc showed me how swollen and red the gums were and that it would be any day now. I’m not surprised with his current lack of sleep situation.

One new thing that has kind of come upon my thoughts is Autism. Yeah I know each mom has her own fears about her child’s development and I don’t really have a big reason to fear it because Luke is not showing any signs so far. However from what I’ve been reading symptoms would most likely start showing around 1.5 -3 years of age. Why this is even in my thoughts has to do with the fact that during delivery we were told that the computer did not detect a heart beat for 5 whole minutes and during that time Luke could have gone without oxygen for any amount of time and we don’t know it. He did not show any signs or concerns at the time and he scored 8 on the Apgar in the first minute and 9 in the next 5 minute test. However in reading on risks for autism one thing that they say could be a cause is “during delivery baby went without oxygen for any mount of time”. Therefore it has become a much more real concern and I will be watching him like a hawk, as well as praying that this will not be an issue for Luke. I know that even if he is at a higher risk than let’s say Seth, God can make it so that it is not a problem at all.

I have no clue what lies ahead for us and our children, I know that in life there are times of joy and times of sorrow. This last week I was made very aware of this truth, with the passing of baby Hayes who was only 2 weeks older than Luke and his mom had experienced the loss of another baby only 1.5 years before baby Hayes. It is a tragedy and sadness that I can not fathom and I am daily grateful for the blessing of my healthy boys. I love them with a depth I never imagined could be possible and I pray that my boys will outlive me.

My littlest is 9 months old… It’s hard to believe that 9 months have already gone by. He has grown leaps and bounds since day one and there were points where I couldn’t wait for him to grow a little more quickly and reach some stages (to make my life more comfortable). But now looking back, these 9 months went by way too fast and I know want to stop time. I look back at photos of him and just how tiny he was and I’m realizing that I will never get those back. Since we don’t plan on having any more children there is also that feeling of sadness over the fact that I will never again hold my own new born again. Yeah so there is all that and then there is all this…

Joy at how happy my littlest angel is. This child is so silly so smily so sweet and so giggly. He puts a smile on all our faces and when we see his little face beaming from ear to ear his joy becomes contagious. He has grown a lot, he is 19 pounds and I can’t quite remember how many inches in length at the moment, I think 29 but I’ll have to check on that, but it sounds like the number I remember the nurse mentioning. He does eat quite a bit but seems to be only 25% for weight and 40% for height. Doc wasn’t concerned with this so I won’t be either. Luke eats solids like a pro and honestly there is not one food he will reject. His schedule includes on jar of solids after wake up time and one 6oz bottle of milk before nap/bed time. He seems to be good about telling me when he has had enough food, I feed him until he closes his mouth and when I bring the food to him he just won’t open no matter how much I try. He has gotten pretty good at feeding himself with both bottle and picking up pieces of food and putting them in his mouth. He is really learning how to use his pinchers.

His crawling is slowly progressing he goes a few moves on his hands and knees before getting back on his belly and sliding around like a little worm. He doesn’t clap which I remember Seth taking a while in doing because I just don’t remember teaching either of them. He talks a lot he’ll just be sitting on the couch and all of a sudden just starts to jibber jabber as if he is trying to tell us something, although we don’t understand his little language it honestly looks like he is trying to communicate with us.

Sleep is good, after 4 days of teething and waking up every 2 hours he is officially back at sleeping through the night. He has been struggling with a runny nose since his last Hep B vaccine a week ago. Doctor doesn’t seem to think it’s vaccine related, the only symptom he has is a runny nose, no elevated temp, no coughing, rash or redness or anything else. My friend suggested possible allergies and it’s gotten me thinking that maybe he has an allergy to something and the only thing that took place at the time of this  change is the vaccine. If it doesn’t go away in the next couple of days I’ll need to re-evaluate his situation and go see his doctor.

1, 3, 6 and 9

10 months old:

Little man Luke is now well into his 10th month of life, for some reason these updates just can’t seem to take place on time. :0)

as far as physical stats I don’t have any to report as we have not been to his docs for over a month and a half and won’t be going again until he is 1.  Mr. Luke is now a well seasoned crawler and can do sit-ups better than I can. lol. it cracks me up when I see him doing a sit up from a laid back position.

He talks baby talk a lot, says ma-ma, da-da all the time. and I would venture to say that he says mama mainly only when looking at me, and for that reason I think he may do it on purpose. It’s not as obvious as my oldest saying mom I need help, but pretty much when Luke gets agitated he looks at me and just starts crying out ma-ma over and over.

He has 6 teeth that have cut through 2 are pretty much fully erupted where as the other ones are just now coming through. He was sleeping 12 hours a night and now wakes every 2-3 hours. It is miserable – I should say we both are miserable. I can definitely say that every time Luke is cutting new teeth, he has a runny nose and runny mouth (saliva leaks out in a stream). I can’t emphasize how I long for the days when he is no longer teething and his sleep returns to normal.

Ok on a happier note. Luke is a very happy kid who’s face lights up when he sees us and especially when big brother Seth walks into the room. He loves to eat, (in comparison to his older brother who is a horrible eater) he also like to feed himself the little gerber stars and is doing really great at pinching the food and bringing it to his mouth. He continues to use the walker daily and is all over the place in that thing, he does get bored more often and we are constantly having to come up with ways to keep him entertained. When I am alone with them this part is a bit overwhelming as I feel like I can’t get anything done when they are both up. Oh well, that is the way life is with two little ones under foot. looking forward to what lies ahead though.


ok so here it is… the last month before my youngest reaches his 12 month birthday… it has been full of fun and lots of visits to different pumpkin patches for us. Luke is almost to the walking phase of his development, so far he has been crawling and now cruising around the family room ottoman. He loves to explore his environment and it is so much fun to see his face light up as discovers his surroundings. I have to say that the new changes in Luke’s development have brought him and his brother to a new role in their relationship. one of having to share toys and play nicely together…. haha that is vary rare around here. The moment Luke tries to play with one of Seth’s toys (even though Seth is busy doing something totally different) Seth runs over and snatches the toy away. Another thing is Seth loves to hit his little baby brother, not sure why but I often find them in a fight and really Luke is just sitting there while Seth hits him. The moment they notice me one (Luke) starts crying and the other (Seth) runs away so I can’t punish him. Of course I don’t let him get away with it, but it’s a daily occurrence for them.

Luke does a lot of talking around here, he is definitely more expressive than Seth was at this age, he also gets very loud, it’s crazy how much he can squeal, at times this is endearing for me and yet others I feel like I want to by earplugs. 😉 we have some exciting plans ahead for then next month, we are taking a trip up to Fishhawk lake ( a little cabin that we sometimes get to borrow) Luke has never been there and we are very excited to go. We also have a whole family vacation planned for Mexico a few days after Luke turns One (not planned on purpose that way but hey) so we won’t be having a regular One year birthday party like we did for Seth, we will be celebrating in Mexico. So excited for the next month. Here’s hoping luke will be walking by the Mexico trip.

There is really so much to say about Luke about all that he does and doesn’t yet do. One thing that I haven’t been able to get him to do yet is sleep the 12 hours straight that Seth is doing right now. In fact he seems to be regressing to the one midnight snack 3 am or so he gets a couple of ounces of milk and then he’ll sleep till 7-8 am. and then up till 9:30 and sleeps again for 2-3 hours, up again for 3 hours and takes another 1 hour nap and then up till 7 pm and the process begins again.  that’s all for now.

Luke is ONE!

this little one got to celebrate his birthday in style, we took a trip to Mexico along with most of my family members. it was a trip of a lifetime, we all had an amazing time, Luke loved the tropics but had a horrible time sleeping in the teeny tiny little crib the resort had given us for our stay. Needless to say we all suffered because of his lack of sleep and it really set him back for about 2 months after our trip. It took a long time for his sleep to get on track. On the upside, he got to play in the sand and swim in the pool and eat lot’s of good food and even got his own serenade on his birthday. I would say that it was a very special birthday for our little man, however there were no presents and no cake as we had for Seth, in fact aside for singing happy birthday we didn’t make a big deal out of the day and part of me felt somewhat bad but then I had to come to terms with it, after all what will a one year old remember from this day? Not much I would say.


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