so far my countdown is 3/14 that is the 3rd day of my 14 day long vacation.  we have been busy doing all sorts of things… it’s just the boys and I for most of the day until Chris gets home from work and here are my iphone captures/collages so far…

Family walk that happens every night after dinner

park day with a friend and her baby… it’s just so fun to see Seth get so much more comfortable with trying all the different areas of the playground.

summer days also afford us time to play in the yard and the boys are all smiles about it. By the way Luke turned 9 mos on this day and we totally forgot about it. But I think he really had a great day over all.

someday I want to own this property… it’s about 15 minutes from where we are now and it is a dream home/property of mine. My dream is that just when we are ready to sell this house will go up for sale and it would be just in our price range. I can wish, can’t I???


some days are just meant to be fun filled days, no major chores, no rain in the forecast, no work to go to…

SO – what do you do with two kids who have nap schedules but are easily bored? you google things to do with kids… haha

today I knew I had one errand to run that must be done and that was drop off a package at USPS to be shipped out, after that our schedule was free and clear.

we first hit a neighborhood park:

we found our spot: shade for Luke and sun for mom (my skin is in need of a little tan)

Seth found a playground buddy (a little girl 2 months younger than him, go Seth) who followed him around and repeated everything he said.

When it was time to go on the swing Seth really wanted to try pushing his brother. He did great, he quickly learned where he needed to stand and how much pushing Lukie would be willing to take. (he only fell one time because he got too close)

After the park it was definitely time for Luke’s 1st nap. Once he was up, both boys fed, I decided to take them for their first trip to the library.

Oh my goodness did they have fun, Seth a little more than Luke as would be expected. It was awesome watching Seth get his first look at all those books. I have to say that I think I was a bit more excited than they were because it has been years since I last stepped into the library (had to get a whole new card and all) and I’ve always been an avid reader. It’s a whole new experience now though as I wasn’t going there for my personal reading material but for the boys. Seth learned all about being quiet (he is not very good at the whispering thing) and got to sit at a little desk stacked full with all sorts of kids books.  Today we read 5 whole books before deciding on what to take home for the next two weeks. It was something really cool to see how much he understood from each book we read, he learned about clothes what each item is called, he read a book about what we eat, a book about doggies and their activities, a book about do’s and don’ts ( I was afraid this book would give him ideas of what not to do and he would come home and do those things, we will see) and finally a book about going on a walk and seeing different animals along the way.

At the checkout stand the ladies were so sweet they showed Seth the whole process from scanning the library card and books and taking your receipt. He loved it and was so polite saying please and thank you and then his goodbye at the end. One of the books we read at the library was about eating and he learned that this little boy Josh ate his dinner and afterwards got ice cream for dessert. On the way home for nap time we stopped by and got a little vanilla ice cream cone which he ate all on his own for the very first time.

Upon geting home I had a very short window of time to put both of them down for their naps, but it worked out so perfectly. Now here I am sitting recounting our day of fun. Some time it’s funny to me that no matter how much I’d like to, I get nothing done and then there are days like today, where I feel like the day could not have been more jam-packed yet more relaxing and productive. I love documenting it too because I know how quickly I’ll forget all about the boys first trip to the library and Seth’s first time having his own ice cream cone.

so content…. thank you Lord for this.


I’m a bit bummed out right now… why? because I decided to return my new p&s camera in an effort to save some money this month. I wish that money was never an issue for any reason but as I have some plans this month and birthdays and weddings and bridal showers coming up extra spending money has suddenly gotten tight. ugh…

so here are my last photos that I took yesterday with the Panasonic camera (I hope to someday get it back)… my hubby had recently pressure washed the deck and the beautiful sunny Monday found the boys (kids and four legged ones alike) and I on the deck enjoying the afternoon shade. I can’t believe I now have a 2.3 year old and a 8 month old. As they grow older I realize so do I, but it will be fun to see all that is ahead of them (us) I hope they will someday appreciate all this documenting I’m doing. I think I will enjoy looking back if nothing else.

Seth was eating chicken nuggets for about 3 seconds before Sunny our dog got to him and stole it right out of his hand. At first Seth was sad but then he thought that was so funny that the next chicken nugget he just handed over to Yoda. Luke was enjoying the show.

my sweet 8 month old baby… he loves attention like no other but he gives you the sweetest smile that just melts my heart and can make just about anyone else turn their frown upside down.

Luke and my two rascals Yoda and Sunny.

Seth my silly toddler who can be the sweetest child one moment and then turn right around and let me know he is in his “terrible two’s”. Yoda actually posing for my camera. good dog!


this sunday afternoon found us at the park with the sweet people of Agape church. De’J, the boys and I took a little stroll while Chris was playing volleyball and basketball and tennis and all manner of sports. Can you tell I’m a bit envious of the fact that I don’t get to play volleyball like I used to at these type of events???

here are some photos from my walk with the boys and de’j and some from the tennis court…

Seth is very passionate about the word “CHEESE”


his daddy’s son… this kid loves tennis.

So there was a point at the park where Seth got to play in the sand which he absolutely loves to do here are some iPhone shots of his activities…

he found a friend to play with… at one point the little boy asked Seth “hi what’s your name?” and Seth actually replied “Seth” then proceeded to turn around and play on his own. DeJay and I witnessed this interaction and just had the goofiest smiles on our faces. It was so sweet and one of Seth’s first interactions of such a kind.

haha… this is my child, I don’t really stop him from playing as free as he can because I own a washing machine and do not have a problem doing the laundry (just folding it ;)). he was so happy doing his circles in the sand that i stood by laughing.

after the sand play his daddy had a bright idea: drag Seth through the grass to clean him up.


well what can i say… i bought a point and shoot camera. i thought i would never again do so. However today i was at costco, and while looking at their cameras I noticed that the Panasonic Lumix camera Model DMC-ZS20 has a M, A, S, and P mode on top of all the awesome Auto and inteli-auto modes,  a touch screen display and it was on coupon for -70$ instant rebate. Score!!!

So right then and there I decided that with the 90 day return policy there really was no risk in me taking this gadget home and playing around to see what I think. Don’t get me wrong I love my iPhone camera but downloading the photos off of there onto my computer is a pain in the @#&. So I’m giving this new baby a try. Here are some edited photos from our walk this evening. feel free to let me know whether you think it’s worth the 220$ I spent. Here’s my reasoning for owning a p&s: I can capture some great shots without using up my very expensive DSLR, with the full Manual mode I  still get a bit of artistic freedom.These 2 very simple reasons are Very Cool in my book!!!

In the photos bellow please keep in mind that my kids don’t sit very still so these are not perfectly posed photos they are just daily photos with a bit of attention to some aspects of the photography rules while at the same time braking some of the rules. (as in the case of the sun flares) 😉

he loves him some rocks, the hat and looking down when I say “look up” 😉There goes the Train! Say Cheese! Look at the Camera! those were my prompts for these photos he did as he was told.


a little vintage editing just because it works here…

ok I warmed this photo up and increased vibrancy and a few other touches here and there… but with Aperture priority I was able to get that shallow dof.


on our walk around the neighborhood today… I took my only other camera that is not a DSLR my iPhone and since my boys cooperated for about 2 minutes I got these cute photos. These are my boys. Seth is the older and he is 2 years old and Luke is 8 months old (in 5 days). I find parenting to be such an adventure and every day is new and so very fulfilling. There is another side of me that doesn’t quite see parenting this way but I really don’t want to let that side out right now. Especially not because my youngest just gave me a 10 hour sleep last night and my oldest today when I called to him said “mami I’m coming”. I mean seriously, my heart could explode with joy at these two very simple things. I could not feel more blessed by God for giving me these precious little boys to have every day and to play with and kiss on and just be blessed by.

I look ahead to some exciting years of discovery for them and for us. It’s gonna be fun!!!


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