sheer baby bump

a bit risque I know, but I just love the shape and softness of this photo. what do you think?

look who’s having a baby | Rona’s Maternity Shoot

I’ve known this beauty since dental hygiene school and through the years we have grown so much closer. I am so happy to have been able to capture some photographs of her beautiful face and baby bump. Congratulations to Rona and Jay. it’s always hard trimming down which photos to post but I think these were some of my favorites. xoxo, Bobi

Melanie’s Maternity Shoot

This beautiful woman has been my friend for a very long time… I won’t disclose the length of time because it’s too telling, however we’ve been friends since childhood and although life has thrown us some curve balls along the way, our friendship has definitely witstood the test of time. I can trully say I love her now more than ever and am so…

Handolescu Maternity – Sneak Peak

Early this morning I had the pleasure of capturing a few photos for this beautiful couple awaiting their first little one, Nehemiah Jude Handolescu. A few things conspired against us almost hindering the shoot,  all week had been absolutely beautiful weather wise, but due to both of our schedules the only time that worked was Sunday morning. Of the last 10 days today was…

Lidia – Sneak Peak Belly Shots

Today the sun was very bright in the sky and warmed us so nicely in fact a bit too well for my maternity photo shoot. 🙂 shooting in full sunlight was not what I was planning on but here are a couple of shots from  my session with Lidia. Lidia is such a beautiful woman and wonderful mother to be. She was such a pleasure…