Seth {development}

Our long awaited miracle is here!

–Seth Matheu Crisan born April 15 2010, 7 lbs & 21 inches long–

It took over 5 years and many heartbreaks but we are finally holding our little miracle in our arms and we thank God so much for blessing us with such a wonderful little boy.

I also want to add that the labor and delivery went remarkably well. I delivered him at 37 weeks and aside for some jaundice Seth was a healthy baby boy. The delivery took only 50 minutes which I think was awesome and with the assistance of the epidural I had no pain during only after the drugs wore off…;)

I have to say that the first month was the hardest. In fact there are no words to explain how hard this first month is on a first time mother. Unless you experience it for yourself you couldn’t begin to understand. It’s the lack of sleep, the physical changes and the emotional ones too, all combine to make for an unforgettable time in a woman’s life. But all the hardship is diminished by the little miracle you get to look at all day long because that is all they are able to do at this point in their development. But it’s perfect because it’s not like you have much energy to do anything else.  Good times are ahead though…

The 2nd month is a lot easier… maybe because you have come to terms with the lack of sleep??? I’m sure there is more to it, like the fact that your body starts to seem a little more like the one you used to know. The hormones are not as intense and you can have a normal conversation with out all the tears. 🙂

Also the baby is a little bit more alert, feeding him is a little more routine and he has somewhat of a night-time routine going.

Third Month: Ours happened to be during the summer and it was great because we got to do more outdoor activities and really enjoy time with Seth. He was still not sleeping through the night but he was getting 6 hour stretches which for me were the best so far. It was nice because I didn’t have to work at all the first three months and I really was able to heal and learn my routine as a new mom. It was only getting better as time passed. Seth was a lot more alert and smiling and just so much more fun to play with.

The Fourth Month found us on our first trip away with Seth over night. We went to the beach for the weekend and it was a blast even though it rained all weekend. Seth loved all the new sights and sounds and all the new faces that were so friendly to him. I felt even better and was looking better too. Sleeping-wise; Seth went through bouts of 6-7 hour stretches at night but never quite all night long. He started solids this month just a little rice cereal in his milk, but it was a new thing for us. He did very well, really took to his first solids.We found that he really loved to eat, and it shows. 🙂

Month Five… he starts to sit up with a little propping and we started using the bumbo seat a lot more. We have been doing belly time pretty religiously but he still does not like it. Solids are increased slightly this month we started with pureed bananas and he loves them. We as parents are really getting the hang of how you have to give yourself twice the time you would have before when preparing to go anywhere.. I started working part-time and on call, it went very well. Seth gets to spend a lot of time at grandma B’s house and he loves it. Even overnight visits go well and Mommy and Daddy actually get full nights of sleep… this is awesome.

Sixth Month — our second trip away from home with Seth, this time with friends. He does very well again and mommy’s friend takes some very pretty photos of Seth. He is definitely eating a lot more of solids and started with Gerber Stars this month, he is sitting up unassisted but is very wobbly. The sleeping has not changed much, some night he sleeps 8 hours some he wakes after 5 hours. It’s a hit and miss and no matter how I try to alter his naps and activity during the day it doesn’t seem to make a difference. But it’s all good. He is so much fun to be with, he is talking some baby talk saying mom and momma and just a lot more responsive.

Seventh Month – 2nd photo shoot in the Pearl District downtown PDX by T. Isaacson. Seth is so much fun he puts everything in his mouth so I have to be very careful what he gets his hands on. He talks even more baby talk and he eats solids regularly, by now he has had a little bit of almost everything. He loves to eat and try new things it’s funny how he’ll watch people eat and open his mouth as if saying “hello there… don’t you think you should share some of that food?”

Eighth Month: Oh my what a character we have on our hands… This kid knows how to laugh, and I mean belly shaking laughter, he is so ticklish it’s not even funny. No teeth yet and he is drooling like a salivating puppy. He has started giving some kisses not all the time but when he does it’s just so cute. He has added a couple little words like tata (Romanian for daddy) dada and baba (Romanian for old woman). Oktata (Romanian for daddy) dada and baba (Romanian for old woman). Ok I have to say that he still doesn’t quite have a good streak of sleeping through the night yet but he is pretty good about just one feeding at night and it’s usually around 5 am. So I can get along with that, I hope soon he’ll surprise me with just sleeping all night long. Mommy and daddy took their first trip away without Seth and 10 day long cruise in the Caribbean, it went well. We were able to skype twice a day every day and we all did well with the separation. Seth also started taking steps with assistance his new favorite activity is to be taken for a walk around the house. It’s hard on our backs but he is all smiles the whole way through. He also got to see Santa at Macy’s Santa Land. He was so good when I went to get him after the photo shoot Santa told me that we “got a good one”. That was very nice to hear from Santa. We’ve celebrated Halloween and Thanksgiving so far and looking forward to Christmas time.

Ninth Month:

Seth is moving… he actually started crawling on his 9 month b-day. So happy for him but more work for me. This kid gets to be more fun with each passing day. Loving all the advances he is making. He is communicating so much more with us, we have kinda learned each other’s routines (him and I) and we work pretty nicely together (except for random moments of “huh”).

Looking forward to warmer weather and more outdoor activities with this little guy. He loves being outside, he does not care if it is raining, snowing, freezing or whatever as long as he is outside he is beaming. I see him taking in the world around him and I can’t help but look around and really take it in myself. I wonder what it looks like through his little eyes. I realize that now he has been in this world just as long as he was in my belly… weird thought I know but it’s there, and I think he has adjusted very nicely.

 He is sleeping through the night off and on and he is taking shorter and fewer naps (two most days). Eating lots of solids and really liking to feed himself, he is learning how to use his pincher’s very well and works at it diligently with his baby Goldfish crackers. Thank you God for blessing us with this little miracle and help us raise him to be a wonderful human being who loves you and cares for his fellow man.  

Ten Months… baby! New things this month: crawling is improving and he is going from stomach to sitting position and now finally raising up to his feet from sitting position. He is now everywhere and he loves to walk assisted by either one of us or alongside the couch and all furniture and of course with the walker too. He started teething 3 weeks into his 9th month and has been miserable ever since. He changed from a happy and whole night sleeping baby to a cranky unhappy miserable baby. He no longer sleeps through the night, he wakes every 2 hours if not more and cries non-stop. I am looking forward to this changing and very soon. On a more positive note I am so excited for all the amazing strides Seth is making. He is talking so much more lately and he loves music. I mean loves it, you should see him shaking his booty to the iPad commercial tune. I laugh out loud every time. I’m constantly realizing how many surprises are awaiting for all of us on this road of parenthood. It’s beautiful and at the same time messy…;) Wouldn’t want it any other way. I am so grateful to God for this little guy he has blessed us with. I pray that he will continue to grow and develop just as he should and that God will protect him from any harm or danger that may come our way. 2 more mos and our little man will be ONE…eek!!!

Eleven Months

This has been such an awesome month. Seth has been steadily growing and developing just as he should. He is now crawling on all fours and standing and walking alongside all the furniture. He can climb the stairs with no problem now all the way to the top. He can stand alone for just a few seconds but has yet to make any steps on his own.  His vocabulary is pretty constant between mama tata (romanian for daddy) and gata (romanian for enough) he has been saying bye a bit and Yoda (our dog’s name) he kinda says doda. It’s adorable!

His character is even more evident and oh my goodness he is so fun to be around. I absolutely look forward to when he wakes up in the morning and we get to spend time together. It is a joy to be his momma. Oh yeah let’s talk diet… he eats everything and anything we eat and still does a bit of formula but we introduced him to organic free range 2% milk which he seems to like ( I think he may prefer his formula over the milk though). He really loves drinking out of big people cups and bottles so he is doing pretty well with his sippy cup but sometimes he gets frustrated. Oh yeah he loves all chocolate, I remember having a horrid chocolate craving while pregnant with him ( I never really was that big of a fan before) and it’s funny how he has really taken to chocolate. A couple of things he does not like are pasta any kind mac and cheese or any other way (I think it’s the slippery texture of pasta that he doesn’t like). He had his first haircut and he did so well and he looks like such a stud with it too. PS. mommy found out she is pregnant with #2 this month. Seth you are going to be a big brother in December this year.  0k some photos from this his 11th month.

One Year Old Seth:

Sleeping 11-12 hours a night with 2 naps a day

Great eater and loves all the same foods as before and still trying new ones.

With my pregnancy symptoms I did not keep up blogging at this time so this month’s update will be incomplete. Seth is not quite walking yet but getting there (got there at 13 months) he is such a character and so lovable. We had a great b-day party for him with all the family and a few friends. He really enjoyed himself and did very well with the lack of a timely nap. He got some really great little presents but I think his favorite is a tent he got from my brother Dariu.

From here on out we will be doing collages of each year of his life with little updates as he grows…

wow wow wow!!! wait a minute Seth just turned TWO!

yup yesterday… amidst my acute allergic attack and a 3 hour Urgent care visit we were able to get in a sweet little celebration put on by grandma, grandpa, Cosmin, Andreia and Deejay.

Seth got a few presents and he loved them all, especially the indoor basketball hoop x2 one for our house and one for grandma’s and of course the beach set for our upcoming trip to Maui. Yeah and he got little water guns which he put to use immediately getting grandma’s hardwoods nice and slippery so we can all slip and slide all over the place. Even caught him trying to put out the candle on his cake with the water-gun, what a little character.

There has been so much development in this little guy in the last 12 months… not sure I can really cover it all here. but I’ve posted enough through the last few months to see what he’s been up to. He loves all sports especially tennis, soccer and basketball. He loves using my iPad for different kids apps I’ve gotten for him to help him learn shapes, colors the alphabet, different animals by name, drawing, putting a puzzle together and much more.  I have to say that I have really loved the stages that he has gone through the last 12 months, the incredible leap in his vocabulary has been absolutely wonderful he is now up to 3 word sentences and learning new words every day. Communicating with him gets easier each day and that much more fun. Tantrums are present usually right before nap time and or bed time when he is too tired and something sets him off, usually distractions work really well and I am not ashamed to use them. Tantrums are not good times for reasoning with him, I first need him to calm down for any reasoning to take place. I am really looking forward to the next 12 months and what they will unfold.

1. Seth getting a real kick out of everybody singing the birthday song to him

2. Cosmin presenting Seth with his cake and candle

3. Seth approaching the cake slowly all the while everyone is telling him what to do

4. Seth blows out the candle perfectly just as if he has done this many times before

5. He really liked that #2 candle

6. the very yummy cake brought by uncle Cosmin

7. grandpa and Luke watching the festivities

A very fun day for my little man and although Chris and I had not planned anything for Seth’s birthday I am glad that the family did something, looking back I know that had that not happened I would have regretted not doing at least a little something for this little man.

7.23.12 – Seth is now 2 years and 3 .5 months old. He is such a smart little guy (in my opinion)

likes: any and every sports, likes to take diaper wipes and clean, and pretty much copies everything he sees that he finds interesting, likes stealing my iPhone and playing on it and let me just say he is a pro. He can maneuver around any app and find his favorites with in a few seconds.

loves: disney’s mickey mouse club house and Thomas and Friends on the Sprout channel. He asks for these shows every day

he goes to sunday school every sunday and he always brings home a new art project last week they made a paper bag pillow.

he loves music and has started trying to sing along

new phrases this month…

I’m stuck

I’m afraid

Help Me

Love you more

Good morning sunshine

i clean mommy house

challanges: food. he is very picky with food but will drink almost anything.

last night we took a walk around the neighborhood and stoped at his favorite restaurant Panda Express he loves the “noodles and the “orange kicken” and the “beiging beef” then we stopped at my favorite place Starbucks where I got an Americano and Chris got a hot chocolate. Seth likes to try out coffee and when we tried tricking him into thinking hot chocolate was coffee he says. “No Good Aia” aia in romanian means “that”. He was saying that the hot chocolate was not good and when he tried my americano he said “yummy coffee”. I promise I do not give him coffee to drink however he has had  a sip from my drink before as well as from his auntie’s iced coffee and has loved it and recognizes the flavors. It is ridiculous.

PHOTOS: taken a couple of days ago at a baby shower he attended with me…


so today starts the first day of potty training… we have tried before but were very very unsuccessful, however today I asked Seth if he wanted to go try and potty and he said yes and then let him stay naked and he told me 4 times before he had to go potty and he went and did it. I rewarded him each time with a sticker. I am so excited for him there are no words. I am sure there are many challenges ahead but I’m liking the direction this is taking and Seth’s desire to use the potty.


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