So happy to be able to work with Dr. Dustin again on yet another photo shoot session for his office. It’s definitely a fun learning experience for me since this is not the typical type of photography I do. I’m sharing some of the photos I took last week. The lighting during shooting consisted of a black back drop right next to a large window with the shades tilted so that minimal light fell on one side of the client. The overhead lights completely off, the room was quite dim. I also had my SB-700 Nikon Flash off camera on the opposite side of the client. I was positioned on a step ladder a little bit above  and I had the client sitting  on a stool at the lowest setting. I think this vantage point is flattering and I’m glad I thought of shooting from above.

It was the very first time I shot tethered to my laptop which was so helpful. I was able to show the client the photo and they were able to pick their favorite photo right then and there, this really helped me in my editing work flow since I already  knew which photo to edit when I got home it cut the sorting process completely out.  Editing consisted of very few adjustments – exposure, sharpness, highlights and shadows as well as a little bit of tone curve adjustments and then worked on softening the skin, this is not my forte but I feel that it is necessary especially since these supper sharp cameras today capture every little spot and wrinkle there is. I also did some dodging and burning here and there to enhance each of these portraits. The black and white portrait was super easy, I started with switching to B&W and then increased shadows and sharpness and the tone curve adjustments just as in the color portraits. The workflow was completed in LR 5 and went pretty fast. I’m absolutely looking forward to more work like this.
Dustin.patients-8-2 Dustin.patients-3-1 Dustin.patients-18-3 Dustin.patients-37-5


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