19th & Marshall & Santa Claus…

Woke up today with a ToDo list as long as my arm and by no means did I think that at 2 o’clock in the afternoon I’d be on the corner of 19th and Marshall doing an impromptu but oh so fun photo shoot.

Day started out with some online research/shopping, Christmas being a week away I realize I’m really good at procrastinating. The day followed with the mail delivering our Christmas Cards that still need to be addressed stamped and mailed… ha! I do hope I get them out since I put the effort in making them.  But I decided the cards could wait till tomorrow during my lunch hour and so we ( Seth Luke and I) were off to do some final shopping today before my long work day tomorrow.

While at the mall I realized that the boys had still not had their annual santa visit so we ran to the other end of the mall hoping that we wouldn’t be facing a long line to see the man in red. It was blessedly short we were the 2nd people in line WOW! This close to Christmas it was the last thing I expected.  The boys sat on his lap at the same time and did very well, no tears but lots of smiles and chatter and both promised Santa that they would pick up their rooms and go to bed when mommy told them. haha… I decided to just go with the Digital download on those photos since it was the best priced option. 2014-12-18_0016


Next we hopped around from store to store as I had a bunch of returns. Two hours later I only had 3/5 returns done, 2 are still in my trunk, the long lines at the stores really wore on me, but I wonder how much worse it would be right after the holidays. 😦

Did I mention we went through two toddler tantrums before we got to the toy store for the boys to buy each other’s Christmas presents?

I got the kids in the car and just felt worn out but realized I had never had my coffee that morning so we ended the morning with the decision to drive downtown. I had to go to one more store and the only location happens to be in NW Portland, so I called my sisters to meet me there. We got ourselves some delicious coffee, my very favorite, coffee from Cafe Umbria. Anyone else out there think that their coffee is as good as gold? I don’t think I’ve ever had coffee I like better. I know any coffee can taste good with a bunch of milk and syrup but the way their espresso orAmericano tastes… Yum!

So here it is 2 o’clock in the afternoon 3 sisters having coffee on the corner of a street in downtown PDX, one toddler completely out (in the back in his carseat) and another one wanting to run and jump and just be a kid, what do I do! I let him out of the car and right there on the sidewalk I start to take pictures. I don’t know what it is but sometimes when you think no one’s watching you let loose and the photos are the best, here are some of the fun captures from this lovely, cloudy afternoon.










Decided to end our day as the rain arrived and the three of us settled in for a long ride home during rush hour, exactly one week before Christmas… was I worried? Nah, it gave the kids just enough time for a good nap. I feel like I will look back on this day so fondly. I am very grateful for all that God has done in our lives and hope that I can remember daily to be more thankful.  Thank you Lord for this hectic yet absolutely lovely day…




One more workday before Christmas for me… so exciting.





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