The Gonczi Family |2014

I am excited to share my recent work with this beautiful family. It was a beautiful yet very cold afternoon in the middle of December when we were able to meet up and capture some images to commemorate 2014 for the Gonczi family. The kids were so precious and I loved capturing the light in their eyes. It was very fortuitous that Chris purchased the pretty umbrellas at the Rose Garden Store right before our shoot, they came in so handy for props as well as distractions for the kiddos. So happy to have known Ana for almost 20 years now, even though we’ve lost touch over the years there is much history there.  Josiah, Sophia and Isaac are so blessed to have such loving parents, your friendship and love for one another was so evident during our time together, it was truly a pleasure to work with you. Maybe we can try again next summer and get a few more photographs with little Isaac, his blue eyes are stunning.  May God bless your family Ana and Chris.



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