How time flies in the blink of an eye…. I remember capturing their Fall photos last year when this little man was but a tiny little baby, now a walking, spinning and grinning little man. This time around was definitely more of a challenge but with great rewards. Capturing the twinkle in his eyes and that grin which is not so toothless anymore, was way worth the effort. 13C_9875-2 13C_9886-2 13C_0238 13C_9791 13C_0009 13C_0026 13C_0030 13C_0045 13C_0197 13C_0304 13C_0317 13C_0360 13C_0385 13C_0435 13C_0455 13C_0501 13C_998913C_0517 13C_0600 13C_0615 13C_0635 13C_0719 13C_0848 13C_0860-2 13C_9989 xoxo, Bobi


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