Baby Jude

Recently I was asked to photograph new baby Jude and family. This was such a sweet request as it is a family I highly respect who has been faithful in their walk with God through all the valleys and mountain tops of life. May God always be their strength and portion forever. Here is a small collection of fun photos from that day. 13C_9496-2 13C_9648-Edit 13C_9057 13C_9045

13C_9160 13C_8972 13C_8943 13C_8919 13C_8811 13C_8755 13C_8517   13C_901513C_8495 13C_8454 13C_8450 13C_8374 13C_8263 13C_9326

2 Comments on “Baby Jude

  1. Beautiful photo story 🙂
    It’s really difficult to choose between the B&W pics and the color ones, they are all so pretty!


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