accidents can be good….

I did a whole post on this young man’s senior session which you can se here. but I wanted to chat a bit about photography and posing and accidents… You see I’ve only been a photographer for a few short years and in this time I’ve learned so much about the art, and yet there is so much that I still don’t know, that it boggles my mind. Every time I look at my work recent and past I learn a little more, each time I spend time reviewing someone else’s work I learn even more. I’ve learned and continue to learn about what I like and don’t like and develop my own look. Like with anything the important thing is to continue to challenge yourself, to push for forward movement.

With the featured photograph of this post I can say that it really happened mostly by accident. I mean I had my camera settings in order as I had been photographing for about 15 min up to this point… but we had gotten into a rut of poses all which were cute and good enough for a senior photograph but I just wanted to capture a little bit of this guy’s spark. He is a very reserved and modest young man so I tried to coerce him to come out of his shell a bit. At this point when I took this photo he was wracking his fingers through his hair, I believe I had just suggested that we needed something different and I think he was just trying to gather his thoughts and think about what else we could do when he heard me continue to shoot so his chin came up and the smile on his face was so natural and attractive that I can’t be more grateful for capturing it.

This PHOTO….it’s one of my favorites ever.


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