Fall is here…

Fall is finally here and you can feel the changes in the weather the moment you step outside. The cool breeze that first hits your face along with the crisp smell of the autumn leaves that are blanketing the streets are just a few of the signs that I love most about this time of year. One reason that I don’t believe I could ever live anywhere other than in the Pacific NW is the changing seasons we get to see and feel. As much as I love to vacation somewhere tropical, I don’t believe I could live somewhere where the seasons were the same from one to the next. I love and embrace change. I am on a constant journey that pushes me towards change and I for one don’t want to fight it.

Autumn in the NW is simply majestic and I want to give you a sample of what it looks like in our neck of the world through a sampling of my favorite shots I’ve done so far this fall…

12C_5445Ligia Pop 201312C_4036JPEGS12C_348912C_1890-family wlettersLigia Pop 2013212C_3574muresan fam 201312C_5631Sandy Pumpkin Patch 2013512C_4767final edits raw

If you live in the vicinity of Portland Oregon, I am running an amazing special through November.

30 minute session w/5 digital images for 50$

you also have the option of purchasing additional digital images at 10$ an image.




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