views of west MAUI

To say that we love vacationing in Maui would be putting it mildly. If I could financially make it happen I would spend at least a whole month on this island every year. This year we almost made it happen, ALMOST… 13 days is not 30 days but it’s definitely a lot more than we have ever done before. It worked out perfectly with the Labor day holiday giving us those few extra days off, that and my boss taking a bit of a longer vacation making it easy for me in that I  didn’t have to request extra time off.

Having all those days spread out in front of us, we tried to make the most of it and get in as much as possible. It was also important that we got in enough beach time for both sunbathing and sand castle building. Today is Tuesday 2 days until we leave this beautiful paradise on earth and during my baby’s nap I decided to upload some photos to my blog. These photos I’m sharing are scenes taken in mid day sunlight so they are super bright and sunny but I hope you’ll enjoy the beautiful land and seascapes of  West – NorthWest Maui!

I am also sharing 2 photos of the sunset as viewed from our condo’s back patio.





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