Happy 75th Birthday Olympic National Park

This weekend my husband and I took a much needed little vacation from our very active toddlers. After getting the grandparents settled in with the toddlers or the other way around not quite sure which way it went, we got ourselves nice and comfy in our car for the long drive North into the Olympic national forest. We took 3 days away from the babies and spent the time traveling the most NW points of our Continental USA.

It just so happened that the Olympic National Park is celebrating it’s 75th birthday and there were some fun activities beyond just seeing the natural atractions. One of my favorites was watching a Park Ranger share the story of the park and what new changes have been taking place in recent years, specifically those to preserve all of the flora and fauna of the area. I am so excited to share some of my favorite photos from the trip, please click on the link below to get to my flickr page.

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Olympic National Park and it’s beautiful attractions

My husband had reserved a one room cabin up at Crescent Lake, a beautiful clear lake at the very north edge of the state of Washington, 30 minutes form Port Angeles. I’ve never stayed in a cabin like this, it really was very primitive, no bathroom, no sink, but it did have a little window on all four walls, and a bed and a heater. In fact it has 2 beds and it made me think that it would be perfect for our little family of four, when our kids are a bit older that is.

The best part of this lake was the lodge, it provided a small but satisfying selection of breakfast options and as it is not a large area, even at full capacity it didn’t feel overwhelming or crowded. I love the lawn in front of the lodge with the adirondak chairs for two, perfect for relaxing with your spouse taking in the beauty with a cup of delicious coffee within reach. Not that we got in all that much relaxation, as every moment we found we were out trekking the paths looking for something to photograph. Chris had printed out 4 pages worth of famous attractions most of these had approximately 2-4 miles worth of hiking, so we divided the list in two, the west and east side of the Olympic National Park and did one side the 1st day and the 2nd side on day 2.

By the end of day one with only a protein bar in our bellies we were so ready for some good food we decided to get in cell range and look for a place to eat. I am so glad we stumbled upon this little gem LD’s Woodfire Grill in Port Angeles WA. The food was so good the service absolutely amazing and the setting was very charming. I had asked our waitress if all the people who worked there were family because they resembled each other so much, a few minutes later out comes the owner/cook a white guy with his other cook a black guy and laughingly they say “yeah we do all look alike here.” It was too funny and just showed that they really love to interact and make their customers feel welcome. They all made sure to say goodbye on our way out.

There was so much to this trip that I loved, like our next door neighbors who we shared our campfire with, a metal head, vegan duo with long blond hair (the guy had longer hair than his girlfriend) who couldn’t be any more different than Chris and I. We spent 3 hours talking and sharing about our two very different life styles, over a couple of fried marshmallows, only to find out that we aren’t all that different after all, maybe some music and food choices separated us, but we share a desire for a life full of adventure and happiness with those we hold most dear. This weekend was so full that I can’t believe it was just 3 days long and not a week, but I guess when you don’t have a couple of toddlers to feed and make sure they get their naps, you can definitely fit in a lot more in one day’s worth.

I feel happy to be home even though we had a wonderful time, because as much as I like to act the tough chic, I missed my two little munchkins a lot. I found that I am one of those parents who really looks forward to vacations without the kids only to talk about the kids almost every other thought. It’s ridiculous, I used to laugh at those people and now I’m one of them. Oh well!




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