santa land | 2012

We saw santa today!

it was wonderful not having to wait in line even though it’s already mid December, this may be because we got to Santa’s Land at opening and we went quite a ways away from home. This is our 2nd year doing so, we just happened upon it last year while doing some Christmas shopping at the Woodburn Company Stores and decided to get photos done as there was no one waiting and the boys were dressed nicely. I love the little house and the whole set up and decorations with the tree and presents and the sweetest (w/real beard) Santa.

Today happened to be a very eventful day for this little Santa Land in that their camera was not working and they were expecting a replacement by 12:30 but until then they allowed people to take their own photos with Santa. It could not have worked out better for us, I had planned on purchasing the least expensive package and asking to be allowed to take some of my own photos. Since we were amongst the only people there we really got a lot of time with Santa, he had one on one time with each of the boys and then some time with them together.

It was so sweet to see Luke just be in absolute awe of Santa, he could not stop gaping at him. I’m surprised I got even one photo of him looking straight forward. Then when it was Seth’s turn in Santa’s lap I was very impressed with how he has matured over last year,  to see him interact with Santa in a way he hasn’t so far was pretty cool. He was able to answer questions and ask some of his own. I especially liked how Santa asked Seth if he was going to be a good boy and help his mommy, and Seth was ready to answer him with a big nod of his head and the biggest grin on his face. That grin only got wider when Santa asked Seth if he could give him a little something… Both Seth and Luke shared the candy cane Santa gave them on our way around the shopping center.

I will always cherish these FIRSTS in my little ones lives.

Luke and Santa posing for the camera.

Luke and Santa posing for the camera.


the tree at Santa Land had Luke all mesmerized, I guess this is what I should expect once our tree goes up…


being NICE… they sure want to show Santa that they’ve been good this year.


making promises he may or may not keep…
“I will help my mommy when she asks.”


enjoying the treat Santa gave him for being such a good boy.


grandma and her boys…. she sure loves these two little guys and they absolutely adore her.

all in all a wonderful time was had, only thing that would have made it even better was having Chris join us, but maybe next year.

Happy Holidays to all,


4 Comments on “santa land | 2012

  1. What a treat to be able to take your own photos! They turned out so great. Most adorable Santa I have ever seen too!

    • thank you, yes it was a great treat being able to do our own photos and it allowed me to also do a bit of editing which always helps. The Santa was so absolutely warm and gracious, I hope he will continue to return every year.

  2. oh wow, that is the perfect santa visit experience, especially being able to take your own photos! this is making me think i need to take ronan to the macy’s santaland after. 🙂


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