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*disclaimer: this post may be a little random and all over the place but hang in there…

Can’t hardly believe that my littlest is 3 weeks away from his 1st birthday. I look at him sometime and he seems so small, and while he is small it just feels like Seth felt bigger to me at 1, this might have something to do with the fact that I didn’t have anyone to compare Seth with while I compare Luke and Seth’s developmental stages all the time. Luke is not any smaller than he should be by no means he is perfectly perfect in every way and I am so absolutely happy that he is in my life but I can’t help but reflect that last year at this time I couldn’t wait for him to be born already.

I had experienced parts of 6 pregnancies by this point and my pregnancy with him was by far the most painful of them, as I’ve heard from many moms it was true for me that each one got more difficult even if I only made it to the end with 2 of them. So by this point last year I was doing all sorts of things to promote a delivery date that was either 1-2 weeks earlier or at least by the docs due date but definitely not late. Now looking back I wish I would have taken it just a bit easier because boy does it change once they are on the outside, haha…

I don’t know but it seems that I do everything in a hurry. I never have time to just relax. Even when I plan on going somewhere and it takes me a 30 minute drive, on the drive I reflect on how I wish I was already at my destination instead of having to endure the time it takes to get there.  In fact I seem to love life most when I am at my busiest. It may be because I then enjoy the moments of relaxation a bit more. Maybe some of it is because I feel like I’ve earned those moments of relaxation or something to that extent anyway. But going back to the fact that I’m always ready for the next thing I have to say that I hate the fact that I feel this way. I sometimes have moments of reflection when I realize that I really should slow it down a bit and just enjoy the fact that my boys need me constantly, 24/7, without ceasing… because in just a matter of a few short years they may be at that point where they don’t even want me to drop them off in front of school because it’s embarrassing to be seen with your mom (boy I hope that doesn’t happen to me). so with all this reflection here are some photos from our very busy past weekend.

After spending many hours of photographing and editing two families photos plus photos from a baby dedication event, I took some time with my family, we spent Sunday early evening at a bowling alley and a Skate Park. I documented our time with some photos as my camera had come along for the ride.

Seth played 3 games of bowling all by himself and he was amazing, he even had this hand gesture thing he was doing after throwing the ball (which he could barely lift and cary)

he would then wait to see what would happen with the pins and then he would cheer himself. it was absolutely adorable and hilarious to watch.

And all though Seth was the only one bowling it was definitely a whole family affair…

So as we were leaving the bowling alley the weather was so balmy and the sky this beautiful purple color, it was dusk. I asked Chris to stop at a park on our way home so that I could take some more photos of him and the boys. The evening was absolutely wonderful, simple and unplanned… I think those must be the best times because there are no expectations  and therefore little room for disappointments. you just fly by the seat of your pants and enjoy each moment.

when we got to the park we realized that there were different parts to it as well as it was under construction and we could only park at the end where the skateboarders were.  the boys loved watching them in fact I couldn’t get them to look straight at my camera no matter what.

After heading down the hill from the skate park area we decided to play a bit on the playground even if it was still a bit muddy on the ground. Luke got to go down the slide for the first time by himself, he was quite wobbly but his face had the biggest grin on it the whole time.

At one point Seth decided that he wanted to go down the slide at the same time with Luke, however little man Luke didn’t really like that plan and kept fidgeting so it made it impossible for Seth to hold on to him.

A tree in the park caught my eye and I wanted to capture it. It was quite challenging since it was dark outside, and in order to get the tree and surroundings it meant loosing the beautiful violet sky. However thanks to post processing I was able to edit the photo to resemble more of what it looked like to me with just a bit more oomph and less clutter.

overall it was an absolutely beautiful fall evening that felt more like the end of summer than an early November evening. I am so glad we got to enjoy it together in this way.

well thanks for taking the time to read my posts and hope you have a wonderful week ahead…




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