Pumpkin Patch | 2012

Saturday the four of us took a short little trip to a little pumpkin patch about 5 minutes away from our home, we fit it in along with a bunch of other plans for the day. I love Saturdays, busy but fun and best of all daddy’s home to help with the boys. Were you ever warned that parenting was gonna be a very challenging and demanding adventure? I can’t imagine how single parents do this job and maintain their sanity -can you tell I’m speaking from a very exhausted state of mind? I have had a week of sleepless nights, my littlest one is cutting 6 teeth all at the same time and he is miserable (which is a huge understatement).

the pumpkin patch was so much fun for the boys, there was so much to see and do and it was a first for Luke. they loved the pumpkins and Seth got to pick out two little ones (one for each of the boys). I got to take a few photos and even one that I absolutely love, the one with both boys actually looking up at the camera -these are very rare. The day also had us attending the Greek Festival and we all got to check out an old Greek Orthodox church (we had never done that before), we also got to experience some amazing doughnuts that were made at the festival (can’t remember what they were called) -they were drenched in honey, yummy. Next year this event will be something Chris and I will do without the kids -it’s just too chaotic for little ones.

photos from the pumpkin patch:


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