how can I say goodbye???

Since we brought home our first born Seth 2.5 years ago, slowly but surely our little puppies have lost most of the attention they once were showered with. I didn’t really mind, too much as the boys really took over my life and my heart, and although my pups still hold a place in it, it just doesn’t compare to the love I have for my kids. They used to have the roam of the land and used to even sleep in our room with us, until 5 years ago when we had enough of the pet hair on all of our stuff and moved them downstairs.

Once the boys came home first Seth than Luke we reduced their freedom even more, they used to have the whole downstairs and now we have relegated them to one tiny portion of our house “the nook.”  We have hardwood floors and the dogs are potty trained and have a doggie door to go out in the yard and do their business. Therefore this move has really improved how much time I spend in cleaning up after them. But ever since the separation, I realized that I very rarely pay attention to them, really only find myself telling them to quit barking when someone rings the door bell. I will occasionally take them for a walk, but before having the boys I used to go for a run with them every day/ 7 days a week. On top of the lack of attention they have grown older and with that comes a few extra needs as pertains to their health. Both of them are in desperate need for a good dental cleaning, but oh my goodness is that expensive. I did try cleaning their teeth and one of them lets me do a few the other one will have nothing to do with me. I also try to get them to the groomers every 3 months but it costs 80$ each time so even though they need it more often I just am not willing to do it.

Well lately my husband has been on my case to give the dogs away. I was shocked the first time this came up and said that there was no way I could do that… forward to today when I had to take Sunny in for his Rabies vaccine just so I could take him to the groomers. I got to the vet and when were finally seen, I was informed yet again of other vaccines he needs as well as a dental cleaning and I just about lost it. I so don’t want to do all of that stuff from a financial aspect and also I feel that they are animals and shouldn’t need to be vaccinated all the time. Weren’t they made to live off the land? Endowed with all sorts of enzymes to break down all the crap they eat? I mean my dogs are never around other dogs and our backyard is tiny and fully fenced so really how likely is it that they will be exposed to a rabid “anything”. After the appointment I really thought that I could possibly make the choice to give the dogs away. If not for the financial aspect but even more so for the fact that they really would benefit from someone who had more time to give them, because they are great dogs.

I was set to list them online but first I had to find photos… that is where the plan fell completely apart. I found a lot of photos but the 4 I’m going to post are the ones that just pretty much made me reminisce of all the times we had together and I realized that: yeah I do have 2 more living things to care for on top of my kids and my man but oh well… this was the responsibility I took on and I plan on seeing it through to the end -the end of their lives that is. Besides the boys do really love the dogs and when they are a little older I think that it will be worth all the chaos now.

Sunny looking in on Seth when we had just brought him home from the hospital

Yoda the night after being attacked by a Coyote. He was so reserved and quiet but such a trooper.

where they love to roam… as well as where the coyotes love to come hunting for their dinner. 


a bit of snow and sitting pretty for me -one of my first DSLR photos ever.


my jogging buddies, keeping me safe 😉

This collection of photos was emailed to my husband with the subject line “I can’t do it”

in the reply he wrote back “they can stay for now”… agh, I am terrified of having to make this choice.

so now if any of you out there have ever had to give your dogs away, I’d love to hear from you. How did it got? Do you regret it? Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.



4 Comments on “how can I say goodbye???

    • yup, that’s the brunt of the problem. If I didn’t love them I wouldn’t be so torn about it. I want them to have more out of their short little lives but at the same time I can’t say goodbye. I am torn either way.


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