trial and error…

There’s something in me that really desires to learn to use the Photoshop CS6 software. I have no background in graphic design never really took any courses so everything I’ve learned has been through my own trial and error and watching many videos online. I really want to take courses bad but the time and financial aspect of it has been a great deterrent, but until then I will still try to grasp what I can from where I can.

After playing around PSE10 and learning all the tools and trying to understand them, only to come to the conclusion that there  is just too much to understand and I will never quite grasp it all, I decided to give the trial version of Photoshop CS6 a go. So this afternoon I downloaded the software from online and after perusing it I knew I should look at youtube for CS6 tutorial videos. After watching this video by  Scott Kelby I decided that I would give it a quick try to see if I could recall anything that I had learned from it.

The video gives a tutorial on his exact step by step photo editing process from LR3 to PS CS6. I learned quite a few things that I had no clue were even there in LR3 the white balance eye-dropper tool for example, had no clue what that was even there for, what an awesome find, I also learned quite a few different shortcuts and they pertain on how to navigate your photo from one editing software to another with just knowing a few shortcut commands. Other things were much more intense for me like the liquefy command in  PS CS6 where you really can do a lot of plastic surgery with just a few strokes. So please go watch his video if you are in the same shoes as myself… Novice Photoshop user, you won’t regret it.

here are my before and after shots just for fun. Remember these were quick edits so that I could commit the new knowledge to memory a bit better.


my favorite LR3 Preset

LR3 edit
using WB eye-dropper and increasing vibrance and tweaking a few other levels.

PS CS6 edit.
many, many changes (maybe too many)!

Can you tell that his cheeks got a bit less cheeky? His eyes got quite a bit larger and his nose got a Michael Jackson look to it? Yeah that was just for fun. Other tools that I was able to use… crop tool to increase the size of the photo therefore creating a border around it effectively giving me a little frame in a very quick manner. I learned how to add darkness under chin and highlights on nose and cheek. I also learned to brighten eyes by using levels and then erasing the effect just a bit to decrease the intensity for a more natural effect. Overall a great little study session tonight.

I get such little time these days to play around with photography and Photoshop, that I try to cram as much learning as possible and sometimes the truth is that I don’t remember anything I learned. Therefore by doing this little project I believe I will retain tonights lesson  a lot better.

until next time…



PS. what’s your favorite edit? I think mine is #2 the LR3 Preset but maybe I would have liked just a little less sepia look to it.

maybe something like this…

One Comment on “trial and error…

  1. Bobi,i love looking at all your posts!good job!your boys r so handsome and i cannot wait to meet them!


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