summer time and playgrounds…

I’ve had quite some time off and really enjoyed every minute of it, some things we’ve made sure to fit in is visiting friends and visiting parks and sometimes getting these two to coincide. My good friend has a lovely park near her home and not only is it brand new and in pristine condition but also quite unpopulated. So we really enjoy visiting it. The photo above is taken from the park looking down over a farm house and the neighborhood. I’ve been here only 2 times but each time this scene really catches my eye so it was only natural that I would want to capture it on film (CF card).

below: my oldest is looking up at me after climbing up on this rope structure… I’m telling him to stop shaking it because he was shaking me and I had the hardest time keeping my camera still. He finds it so hilarious that he is shaking his mom all over the place and that is how this photo came to be

bellow: this little dude is the son of one of  my oldest and dearest friends and since we were hanging out together and my camera was handy I just had to capture his sweetness again.

and since it’s already September 5th and fall is just around the bend, I will treasure each sunny day we have in the forecast because as I live in the NW Autumn for us means lots of clouds and showers.




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