Luke is 9 months old!

My littlest is 9 months old… It’s hard to believe that 9 months have already gone by. He has grown leaps and bounds since day one and there were points where I couldn’t wait for him to grow a little more quickly and reach some stages (to make my life more comfortable). But now looking back, these 9 months went by way too fast and I know want to stop time. I look back at photos of him and just how tiny he was and I’m realizing that I will never get those back. Since we don’t plan on having any more children there is also that feeling of sadness over the fact that I will never again hold my own new born again. Yeah so there is all that and then there is all this…

Joy at how happy my littlest angel is. This child is so silly so smily so sweet and so giggly. He puts a smile on all our faces and when we see his little face beaming from ear to ear his joy becomes contagious. He has grown a lot, he is 19 pounds and I can’t quite remember how many inches in length at the moment, I think 29 but I’ll have to check on that, but it sounds like the number I remember the nurse mentioning. He does eat quite a bit but seems to be only 25% for weight and 40% for height. Doc wasn’t concerned with this so I won’t be either. Luke eats solids like a pro and honestly there is not one food he will reject. His schedule includes on jar of solids after wake up time and one 6oz bottle of milk before nap/bed time. He seems to be good about telling me when he has had enough food, I feed him until he closes his mouth and when I bring the food to him he just won’t open no matter how much I try. He has gotten pretty good at feeding himself with both bottle and picking up pieces of food and putting them in his mouth. He is really learning how to use his pinchers.

His crawling is slowly progressing he goes a few moves on his hands and knees before getting back on his belly and sliding around like a little worm. He doesn’t clap which I remember Seth taking a while in doing because I just don’t remember teaching either of them. He talks a lot he’ll just be sitting on the couch and all of a sudden just starts to jibber jabber as if he is trying to tell us something, although we don’t understand his little language it honestly looks like he is trying to communicate with us.

Sleep is good, after 4 days of teething and waking up every 2 hours he is officially back at sleeping through the night. He has been struggling with a runny nose since his last Hep B vaccine a week ago. Doctor doesn’t seem to think it’s vaccine related, the only symptom he has is a runny nose, no elevated temp, no coughing, rash or redness or anything else. My friend suggested possible allergies and it’s gotten me thinking that maybe he has an allergy to something and the only thing that took place at the time of this  change is the vaccine. If it doesn’t go away in the next couple of days I’ll need to re-evaluate his situation and go see his doctor.

The Collages bellow:

a. b & w – photos go from day 1 to months 3, 6, and 9. I love seeing how he has grown in these few months.

b. color – photos taken this weekend at a seafood restaurant, Luke loved the clam chowder he could not get enough.

My sweetie is really doing wonderful and I couldn’t be more grateful for the precious gift I’ve been given. I thank God everyday for my children and pray for their health and happiness every moment I think of it. Looking forward to enjoying each moment with my kiddos and especially love looking back at these milestone.





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