always learning…

It would seem to me that in my 2 years of playing around with a DSLR I have learned a lot of new information. I can’t even believe quite how differently I look at photos; from the moment you capture a scene with your camera to the post processing aspects of photography. I used to think that photographers were so expensive and for that reason I have only had professional photos done one time, and that was as a gift to my mom for mothers day where all of us kids got together and went to a Yuen Lui Studio and had ONE photo done.  I hate that photo, it’s truly a horrible over priced photograph.

I don’t want to sound like a snob because I really am not one, but as with everything else when you find a better way you must make changes. Well since I’ve developed a new passion for the art of photography I have really wanted to learn as much as possible, and it doesn’t seem like I can get enough of it. This isn’t to say that at times I don’t get burned out, because I do. I mean I have two kids I still work one 10-12 hour day a week and my husband likes his house clean and his dinner ready when he gets home (I know demanding right ;)). Anyhow I say all this in an effort to paint a picture of how slowly my learning process has and will be evolving, I am sure many mom-photogs can appreciate my situation.

So far in my editing I have strictly used Photoshop Lightroom3 a very streamlined software. I LOVE editing with LR3 and for the most part it’s usually enough, however I do realize that it is sometimes limitting, especially  when it comes to some more drastic touchups. So for that reason I have spent some time with PSE10 (very cheap purchase in my opinion for what it can do). PSE10 has opened a whole new world of editing. A very confusing world that is… I have spent many evenings (after the boys are in bed) online watching video tutorials on all the tools and aspects of PSE10 and still feel like I only have the slightest grasp on it’s capabilities (or mine). I no longer gasp at photography prices there is a very huge amount of work that goes on in the background and the money spent on equipment and software plus the time invested in the learning of the use of these tools.

Well recently I purchased some templets from EWCouture specifically Blog layout templates and have been learning just how to use layers, I have been greatly enjoying this time spent learning and am excited to post my few collages.  I want to add that  I wish I could hire a tutor to walk me through learning Photoshop from ground up. Maybe someday I can just go take calsses. Ahh… that is the dream.


Vibrant Color:

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4 Comments on “always learning…

  1. Really nice collages!
    Do you know ? It’s an online classroom, you can watch the workshops live for free and then purchase them if you want to keep the info. It’s awesome! I love it and have already learned a lot from them 🙂 You should take a look, I think there’s a Photoshop workshop soon.

  2. you’ve grown leaps & bounds in your photography, my friend! someday we will take a photography class together…i can sense it! 🙂


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