Celebrating the big {50}

Recently I attended my employer’s big 50th  birthday party….

Dr. Howe is one of the two dentists I work with at Mt. Scott Family Dental and since he recently got a new place and was turning 50 all in the same summer, a big party was to be had. Most of us were able to attend and celebrate with Dr. Howe, his family and friends. They sure know how to throw a party; good food, good drinks and good music and a beautiful summer’s eve to boot.

I had a blast and took lot’s of photos (part of the credit goes to PJ for picking up the slack for me when I was unable to photograph). I do have to apologize for missing many photo opportunities but that’s all because I was enjoying myself so much that I forgot all about my camera for some part of the evening.

I am so happy to have found a place to work where I absolutely love my coworkers and enjoy my time while at work, so much so that we really enjoy time together even outside of work.

thanks Dr. Howe and Trish for throwing one awesome party…

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