baby milestones {crawling}


Luke is almost there… I’m talking about crawling. His big brother managed to accomplish to crawl exactly on his 9 month birthday. Luke is 7 days away from his own 9 month birthday and I think maybe he will make it. So far he manages to shuffle backwards so much so that he can manage to move all around a room that way. Just yesterday  here at the house were staying in Sunriver there’s a chair that is raised off of the floor I didn’t think anything of that chair until I walked out of the room to head to the kitchen for a half a minute only to walk back into the adjacent living room and find the room completely empty.  There’s literally no where he could have gone but I didn’t see him right away under the chair and my heart did panic for a second or two. I yelled for Chris but then I realized ok he could not have gotten up and walked off, he’s here somewhere. So I got on his level and there he was just laying down under the chair pretty much waiting for me to notice him. What a funny little person he is. Here’s evidence of his attempts but so far no forward movement only backwards oh and of course rolling all over the room.

I will definitely post when he progresses to forward movement…




2 Comments on “baby milestones {crawling}

  1. haha, love these pictures! ronan’s getting close to crawling too; he gets up on all fours and rocks and rocks, it seems like any day now he’s going to figure out how to move his hands too. not sure i’m ready for that yet, though, so unlike you, i’m not encouraging it. 🙂

    on a photography sidenote, i love the colors in these photos – the combo of the green with the retro mustard yellow of the couch.


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