Happiness is….

some days are just meant to be fun filled days, no major chores, no rain in the forecast, no work to go to…

SO – what do you do with two kids who have nap schedules but are easily bored? you google things to do with kids… haha

today I knew I had one errand to run that must be done and that was drop off a package at USPS to be shipped out, after that our schedule was free and clear.

we first hit a neighborhood park:

we found our spot: shade for Luke and sun for mom (my skin is in need of a little tan)

Seth found a playground buddy (a little girl 2 months younger than him, go Seth) who followed him around and repeated everything he said.

When it was time to go on the swing Seth really wanted to try pushing his brother. He did great, he quickly learned where he needed to stand and how much pushing Lukie would be willing to take. (he only fell one time because he got too close)

After the park it was definitely time for Luke’s 1st nap. Once he was up, both boys fed, I decided to take them for their first trip to the library.

Oh my goodness did they have fun, Seth a little more than Luke as would be expected. It was awesome watching Seth get his first look at all those books. I have to say that I think I was a bit more excited than they were because it has been years since I last stepped into the library (had to get a whole new card and all) and I’ve always been an avid reader. It’s a whole new experience now though as I wasn’t going there for my personal reading material but for the boys. Seth learned all about being quiet (he is not very good at the whispering thing) and got to sit at a little desk stacked full with all sorts of kids books.  Today we read 5 whole books before deciding on what to take home for the next two weeks. It was something really cool to see how much he understood from each book we read, he learned about clothes what each item is called, he read a book about what we eat, a book about doggies and their activities, a book about do’s and don’ts ( I was afraid this book would give him ideas of what not to do and he would come home and do those things, we will see) and finally a book about going on a walk and seeing different animals along the way.

At the checkout stand the ladies were so sweet they showed Seth the whole process from scanning the library card and books and taking your receipt. He loved it and was so polite saying please and thank you and then his goodbye at the end. One of the books we read at the library was about eating and he learned that this little boy Josh ate his dinner and afterwards got ice cream for dessert. On the way home for nap time we stopped by and got a little vanilla ice cream cone which he ate all on his own for the very first time.


Upon geting home I had a very short window of time to put both of them down for their naps, but it worked out so perfectly. Now here I am sitting recounting our day of fun. Some time it’s funny to me that no matter how much I’d like to, I get nothing done and then there are days like today, where I feel like the day could not have been more jam-packed yet more relaxing and productive. I love documenting it too because I know how quickly I’ll forget all about the boys first trip to the library and Seth’s first time having his own ice cream cone.

so content…. thank you Lord for this.


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