Summer Time {family time}

This summer has been pretty late in arriving to our corner of the world and on top of that I’ve had to work a bit more than I had planned, so every moment I get with my kiddos I try to fill it with fun activities. It’s much harder with 2 kids and one adult, but it’s definitely doable.

This weekend our temps have been in the 90’s so during the hottest part of the day we stuck to our air conditioned home and as the temperature started dropping in the early evening we got to get out of the house. Yesterday evening we were invited to spend some time with some friends at their pool and we took them up on the offer. I’m so happy to have gotten out and having my hubby there to take care of Seth while in the pool freed me up to take some photos.

dear friends we spent our evening with…

my little Seth… he loves to be in the water could not get him out of it without some tears.

my littlest one… Luke who seems to love being the center of attention.
and thanks to my friend Tabi I have a photo in the bunch too.

thanks for spending some time with us, hope you are having a fun filled summer,


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