girls-only trip {Seattle}

this last weekend my sisters, mother and I, got to take an overnight trip up north to Seattle WA. My hubby was happy to watch the boys so that we could get this time together. It has been a few years since the last time we did this so we were excited. I got a great deal through on a hotel room at the W Hotel in downtown Seattle and Saturday morning we headed out.

Since we are less than 3 hours south of Seattle the travel time seemed to fly, especially with us being so excited and chattering away as if we hadn’t seen each other in a long time. Arriving in Seattle just after 1 in the afternoon and checking in to a super cute hotel, we hit the streets of downtown Seattle to start exploring and shopping. First on the list was to find a good place to eat lunch. After a long search and reading many menus in the windows of different restaurants, we chose the Virginia Inn as our lunch spot. After a wonderful lunch we were back on the streets in search of unique boutiques where my sister Andreia was hopping to find her next one of a kind purse. She has had the same purse that has lasted her 3 years and my mom is pretty much on the verge of dumping it in the garbage can, those two crack me up. Needless to say we left Seattle with the same purse Andreia arrived, that one of a kind purse was not to be found.

After 6 hours of walking all over downtown Seattle we returned to our hotel and got to take showers and get ready for dinner. We all did our hair and make-up and dressed up all pretty for an evening out. My mom let me do her make-up and she looked absolutely adorable . We ended up having dinner at the Purple Cafe and Tavern just a couple blocks from our hotel. In spite of the long wait and our hunger the restaurant looked like just the right place for us to end our evening. It would have been just perfect if not for a really horrible waitress, who forgot part of our order and then ended up charging tax twice (not sure if she just doesn’t know how to work the computer or what) but all in all we had a wonderful time together laughing and taking photos and just being silly. We ended that evening with watching olympic medalist Michael Phelps win his last gold medal of his career. The perfect day all in all.

Our last day in Seattle we knew we would head home a bit earlier so that I could get to spend part of the day at the park with my boys. So after a morning stop at Starbucks and a trip to Pikes Place in search for a souvenir for my mom we went back to check out and head home. We did take a side trip in Des Moines where we had lunch at Red Robin. It has been probably a year or more since that last time I remember going to Red Robin but their Chicken Apple Harvest Salad is still as great as I remember it. Well our trip was a short one but we had a great time and will be doing this on a yearly basis.

photos from our trip:

this photo of my sis is one of my favorites especially with this bright vintage-type edit.






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