a few moments w {De’J}

today my youngest sister, you know the one that’s constantly in front of my camera… De’J accompanied me on some errands that had us heading downtown. I had both boys with me in the stroller and my camera at the ready.

We had quite a variety of topics to discus and I just have to say how much I love this girl. She has such a great spirit and unique way about her that it’s hard not to want to be around her. In our discussions today I realized that in many ways I see myself in her, we have some similar attitudes although she is much more subdued than I am. Probably a good thing! While walking and talking (and having a very yummy crepe at one of those Venders between Alder and Washington on 9th (btw, I had to tell Seth it was Pizza for him to give it a chance and find he liked it)) I captured a few shots of De’J that I really like. It was just the right time of day and I was liking the way the setting sun was hitting the buildings around so I wanted to see if I could capture the moment. I didn’t get much time to mess around as my sister is no longer so willing to be the victim of my photography addiction. People staring at her has started making her feel uncomfortable again. I say that just means we need to do this more often, but that’s because I’m very comfortable on my side of the camera and not in front of the lens. 😉 eek!!! I couldn’t do it.

My sis the goofball…

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