the model and the photographer….


De’j back in front of my camera after quite a long hiatus. let’s just say we were both a bit rusty…

goal: practice and location hunting

our theme:

We decided looking at her closet that this would be a bohemian/80’s shoot.

make-up: i was inspired by our theme and outfit colors: we went with darker eye makeup in vibrant pinks and deep purples, for lips I wanted to balance the vibrancy of the eyes with a bit of pink lipstick. I used a bit of bronzer and that’s about it…

here is a selection of our quick 30 min shoot last night. I chose 2 different edits. One is bright and the colors are very true the other is a bit more edgy vintage and crisp. I love both of them would love to hear what you think.

a big thanks to my sister Andreia for being my assistant on the shoot.



4 Comments on “the model and the photographer….

  1. dj is a stunning model as always! 🙂

    i think i prefer the more vintage-y edit overall. it seems to work better with the bohemian dress and style she has going on.

    excited for our shoot!


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