Luke’s 7 Month Update

My littlest man is now 7 months old and as cute as a button. He recently had his check up appointment and got a thumbs up from his pediatrician, here are his most recent stats: 17.03 lbs and 27 inches long. He is growing up a bit too fast for me but then there are days that I feel excited for when he is past this infant stage and into the toddler one. My fear is that as he grows up there will be many changes and one that I am scared I am gonna miss is how his whole face lights up at the sound of his big brother’s voice.

He is such a sweetheart and such a happy baby. He really doesn’t discriminate at all, no matter who smiles his way he just beams at them. Most people, women and men alike are drawn to his easy smile and ready giggle. I am often told that he is “such a big flirt”, oh boy I’m in trouble ;=)

6-7 month milestones:  YES!

  • He eats solid foods, for a couple of months now, and looks to be loving it.
  • First teeth are in halfway… his lower central incisors started erupting last week and since the beginning of last week he has been pretty  miserable. (teething has been so painful for him, he cries more, eats less and wakes more at night) :=(
  • Turns toward sounds and voices
  • rolls over in both directions
  • drags objects towards himself
  • passes object from hand to hand
  • lunges forward
  • mouths objects
  • jabber
  • puts syllables together: he says MA-MA a lot especially when he is sleepy or cranky

6-7 months milestones – NOT YET…(few babies reach these milestones at 6-7 months old especially boys)

  • Sits without support
  • starts crawling
  • raising himself up from sitting position
  •  starts to exhibit stranger anxiety
  •  waves goodbye
  • stands while holding onto something
  • Bangs objects together
  • begins to understand object permanence

As summer is making its to the Pacific NW (very slowly I might add) we are getting out of hibernation more and more these days and although Luke still gets 2 -3 naps a day 8-10, 2-4  and sometimes an extra 30 min here and there when we are coming home from somewhere, I  try to get out with them 2-3 days out of the week. It’s usually no more than a 3 hour trips as we have to fit it in between naps for both Luke and Seth.  I am so grateful that for the most part the afternoon nap they take at the same time, Seth only takes one nap which, I find I am totally happy with because it’s a long 2-3 hour nap.

I find that now that I am doing this baby thing for the 2nd time around I am more laid back about that changes from one stage to the next, I am not as surprised with the different nuances and of course that is because it is no longer my first experience. One thing I have noticed is that I find myself comparing the boys. How Seth was at this stage vs. Luke and I find there are many differences and also many similarities. For instance both boys were pretty particular about getting their naps but I was a bit more rigid with Seth from the get-go where as with Luke his nap schedule kind of evolved around me making Seth’s schedule work. It was a bit challenging but I am liking where we are now, not to say that it won’t soon change again.  Another difference between them is the teething: Luke’s teeth are coming in 3 months earlier than Seth’s did. Not too thrilled about this as Luke is also a bit more sensitive than Seth and having a much harder time than Seth did. His first tooth eruption didn’t even phase him where it’s been such an ordeal with Luke. However where Luke outshine Seth is in feeding, he is way better at eating solids than Seth was. Seth couldn’t get the hang of it for 3-4 months it was a challenge, Luke on the other hand loves solids and eats anything you’ll give him.

For me as a mom of 2 boys I find that I need my breaks more often now, I relish my time with the boys and love every moment that I get to love on them and play and make them smile. I love talking and reading to both the boys but I absolutely love how much Luke loves to hear Seth talk and especially when Seth interacts directly with Luke. It’s such a sight to see, melts my heart completely. On the other hand at the end of a full day of mommy-duty I am spent and tired and a bit cranky. I def. need my weekly outlet of either a coffee date with a friend or if that can’t happen I have to go for a run to just have time with my own frazzled thoughts. I don’t know what it is about raising a toddler and an infant  at the same time but it is definitely a tiring job. I look forward to putting them down to sleep at night just as much as I look forward to when they wake up in the morning. Anyone else feel this same way???

Well enough about all that, here are some photos of Luke at 7 months and of course a shot his big brother Seth:

And finally the big boy… SETH he is now 26 months old.

PS. recently I’ve been spending some time in photoshop elements and learning to work with layers and so on… can you tell I’m a huge fan of the antique frames?




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