Oregon Zoo…

the three of us along with my sister De’j made a trip to the Oregon Zoo yesterday. We got there right as they opened in the hopes of beating the crowds and finding most of the animals awake and active. I have mixed fillings about the trip…

The day could not have been more beautiful but also the animals could not have been more sparse. What is happening to the Oregon Zoo? every time i’ve been there I have left disappointed in the animal count department. I was so excited for Seth to see the Lions and Tigers and Bears oh my… but that is exactly what we didn’t see.

He did however get to see the Sea Lions, Giraffes and Elephants as well as a couple of Cheetahs and Hyenas, Zebras and Gazzeles oh and I almost forgot a Gorilla and a few different kinds of Monkeys. Not sure if he even noticed the lazy Hippos submerged almost completely in their murky water, but they were there at least.  He also got to experience an elephant ear and got a giraffe mask to add to his collection of giraffe stuffed animals. We watched the bird show with the flying eagle, turkey vulture and one other one that escapes me right now. He really loved the safari Jeep and played inside of it for quite some time. Another area that was wonderful for the kids and many of them enjoyed was the drum and cow bell tent. Seth was having so much fun making a lot of noise.

Luke was really just along for the ride and didn’t really get much more than a nice stroll out of the experience but he did get a couple of bites of elephant ear and oh my gosh did he love the sugar. His face literally lit up like the sky on 4th of July when that sugar and cinnamon mixture hit his tongue… uh oh, probably not a great idea allowing him to experience the taste of sugar so early on.

After the zoo trip we were all so tired and when we got home both boys took a nice long nap. I guess all in all I did enjoy the trip, but it makes me realize how much more difficult it is to take trips now that there are 2 kiddos to cart around. I am so grateful for my sister tagging along and helping out even if she wasn’t feeling all that great.

here are some photos from the trip:


sea lion cave… Seth in awe at how big they are.






oops I guess we did see a lion… 😉
I feel it’s impossible to get these kids to look at me at the same time ever when I’m taking a photo.



making noise



waiting for Seth to finish his drumming


eating an elephant ear while watching the elephant play with a big barrel


splish-splashing in the little puddle


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