Summer time is here…



This summer is slowly making its beautiful way to Portland. This weekend I was able to take my boys out to the park and with my sister’s help we captured a few photos of me and the boys. I can’t even describe how difficult it was to take photos of me and the boys and in fact I don’t believe I even have one with the three of us that turned out. Oh well maybe another time. Here are some shots though from our time at the park… This one I took while adjusting my camera settings so that all Deejay would have to do is point and shoot. How precious is that face on Luke? He loves pulling hair and this time he is clearly not getting away with it. This is one of my favorite things to wittness… the changes and recognitions that start to develop as babies age. Luke is now 6.5 months old and he understands so much more of what is happening around him. It’s beautiful. Here I am with Seth, the kid can’t sit still he has ants up his pants or something… this is why I brought a soccer ball with me, in the hopes of being able to bribe him into a photo. This is the best I got. How I love my little toddler… words can’t describe how much fun he is, he talks a lot and know two languages granted he is much better at English than Romanian but that is because I speak way more English than Romanian. Anyhow… this kid is all about sports and Mickey Mouse Club house, and if for some reason there is an episode of Mickey with any kind of ball in it that is his all time favorite he saw one called Pluto’s Bouncy Ball and now every day he asks to see that episode. How is that even possible that a two year old can know to ask for that. It’s crazy to me because I didn’t have a TV until I was about 13 years old and the only glimpses of TV I got were from visiting friends and or neighbors. As you can see Deejay captured this photo of the 2 of us in action me playing keep-a-way and Seth enjoying every second. This next photo is of little Luke and I who is usually called Lukie or “ukie” by big brother Seth… he was not all that thrilled to be photographed, I think he is teething, the teeth haven’t broken through yet but I feel their sharp little incisal edges just beneath the top layer of his gums and his increased irritability is telling me something is up and causing him to be unhappy. We just had his 6 month check up and according to Dr. Frank (his pediatrician) Luke is doing great, he is at 25% for weight and 60% for height (which boggles my mind cuz I think he is quite chubby) and healthy. I was told that I too was doing great with him, Thank You Dr. Frank I really appreciate the vote of confidence. I do try to keep my kids well nourished, rested and very well loved at all times. By the way I have to share that Luke has been saying mama for the last few months but now it has become something he cries out for each time he is unhappy in any way. I think he must know that his momma will make everything better for him. it’s funny he doesn’t yet say dada  ;P and because even though I don’t have a very good photo of the three of us together here is a little sampling of what we got… Some individual shots of my boys… Play time: after a good half hour of photos we decided that it was time to go to the playground. While Deejay watched over Luke, I grabbed my camera and got some photos of Seth doing what any kid loves to do, PLAY! I love his little faces in each photo he is such a character. I am so grateful for these two little loves that I was blessed with. Words can’t express how they enrich my life, I feel sad at times because I see how quickly time goes by but part of me is excited and looks forward to the adventures ahead with my little men. xoxo, Bobi


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