my boys…




Luke is 6 months old tomorrow and so far I would say he is a hit with all of us and I’m especially happy that this is true for his big brother. I was a bit nervous about how Seth would be with Luke but it is so sweet to see that 99% of the time he is a very loving big brother. In these photos we were at our hotel on the bed getting ready to wind up for the evening and Seth was playing some toddler games on my iPad which of course he wanted to show his little brother.  It was adorable. I love the first photo because nobody was paying attention to me and Luke is just so cute in it. It amazes me how alert he is I don’t know if I remember Seth being as alert I’m not the only one who has remarked on this fact. I’m curious to see what (if anything) this means to his development through the next few months. I guess I’m wondering if he will develop other skills such as walking and talking much earlier than Seth did??? He sure eats solids like a champ, which I know I struggled a bit with Seth. Seth enjoyed almost 1.5 slices of corn bread form the Lumberjack Restaurant in Canon Beach today. I was astounded. I’m nervous he is going to like food like me, the good thing is he is a boy and he will most likely be tall like his dad… here’s hoping. 😉


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