Handolescu Maternity – Sneak Peak

Early this morning I had the pleasure of capturing a few photos for this beautiful couple awaiting their first little one, Nehemiah Jude Handolescu. A few things conspired against us almost hindering the shoot,  all week had been absolutely beautiful weather wise, but due to both of our schedules the only time that worked was Sunday morning. Of the last 10 days today was the day the clouds and rain decided to return. The rain was not the only challenge though… Ruben (soon to be daddy) was literally doing this shoot on his way to the airport, we had about 1.5 hours before he had to leave Portland and head South for work. Thank God for smart phones and the ability to check in to flights via the web, otherwise our already short window for photographing the two expectant parents would have been too short to even happen.

Due to the fact that the couple would be headed to the airport after the shoot, we decided on one of my favorite spots in Porltland… The Zimmerman House. I did a shoot here for my cousin Lidia and loved it. I know Adelina really liked it too so it worked perfectly. Also since the sky was so cloudy  the alcoves provided by the architecture and landscaping worked well to soften some of the affects of the even direct light.

here are some of my picks from today… see the complete series here

once the weather turns Adelina and I will do a little one on one shoot that will be more about her and her baby bump.




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