Maui Day 2.

Started the day with a good breakfast of greek yogurt and cantaloupe slices and a good cup of Kona Coffee… and a bit of time spent editing photos from the previous day and writing my blog entry. Really nice low key morning waiting for my boys to wake up for breakfast before hitting the beach. No plans were made yesterday other than we knew that we would be spending the day playing and sunbathing.

We did as we informally planed -we spent the whole morning on the beach (i didn’t take my dslr but my phone was just good enough for beach photos) we played soccer running up and down the beach and swam in the ocean and laid out on our towels to dry off.

I got a little time for reading and I started a new book, I’m reading the new Nicholas Sparks book the Lucky One. It’s really a great read and perfect for my time here. There used to be a time that I would read a book a day and would be starting a new one by the evening, those days are long gone. Now I am realizing that every time I get a couple of pages down I see Seth and Chris running around on the beach and I want to be right in the action too, so the book gets put down and forgoten again. 3 days in and I’m only on like page 40, pathetic right…

After our beach time we headed home – well to our home here on Maui where we took showers and I made the boys croissant turkey cheese and tomatoe sandwiches with more cantaloupe slices. Finished our cantaloupe from breakfast time. I really don’t know how to pick cantaloupe when I buy it but I lucked out because it is perfect.

After lunch we headed to do a little browsing/shopping at the shops at Wailea. I didn’t plan on buying anything as I’m still working on loosing baby weight but I guess I have missed shopping quite a bit because I did some damage to my monthly allowance. oops! I guess it’s a good thing I’ve been working so much lately. 🙂

We spent a good 2-3 hours at the shops taking a little break for a couple of scoops of Macadamia nut ice-cream (Chris and Seth shared this)  and some fun photos of Seth dancing and throwing coins into the fountain in the middle of the shopping area. He liked to throw the coins into the fountain a bit too much we had to go change some larger coins for smaller ones so that we could get a bigger bang for our buck. He kept repeating the same phrase over and over again. “more money”

After a lot of fun at the shops it was time for dinner, so using our trusty Urban Spoon app we decided to give Coconut Fish Cafe a try. We got lost only to find the restaurant was literaly located next door to Peggy Sue’s. This is the diner we had dinner at the first night in Maui. We had to laugh out loud because we had gotten a bit frustrated by the directions given to us by mapquest which were very wrong but as we were wanting to do a u-turn in the parking lot in front of Peggy Sue’s, we noticed the sign for Coconut Fish Cafe and it was located right next door.

Again the restaurant is nothing special from the outside just a whole in the wall small little place, but the food was ridiculously delicious. I had my first fish taco’s of this trip, last year Fish Tacos were my staple. Almost every dinner consisted of fish tacos. The tacos at Coconut’s were unique in the way they were prepare with a double corn tortilla and the bottom tortilla is grilled so it has a crunchier feel and the sweet corn flavor really comes through. The sauce they use is something I’ve never had on a fish taco it’s their special secret recipe and it is absolutely the best sauce ever.  It was a phenomenal dinner. Oh yeah Chris and Seth shared a basket of Fish’n Chips and  it too was really good, Seth could not get enough of his dinner.

After dinner we headed home and the boys fell into bed asleep before their heads hit the pillow, while I stayed up and played with photos again.  We had such  a fun and full day that I was not surprised by how tired they were. Another full day here in Maui, we loved every minute of it and are looking forward to the next day.




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