Blazers Game Night

Just a few days ago we (the Mt. Scott Family Dental Crew – 2) had a “team building” outing – we did dinner and a Blazer’s Game.

I hadn’t gone to a Blazer’s Game in probably 7-10 years, and even though I’m not a huge basketball fan I couldn’t help but catch the blazer feever, it was electrifying. The game lasted about 2.5 hours with all the  breaks and while at home watching the game on TV seems like the game time is much longer, in person it flew by faster than I had anticipated. I had so much fun photographing my coworkers and a few of the other fans in attendance, that I didn’t sit down much of the game. Even got in a bit of trouble because apparently unless you have a press pass you must take all photos from your seat. OOPS!

What I know about the game that night: The Blazers played Golden State Worriers and won the game.  Here  are  the stats from Crawford scored a season-high 34 points, Wesley Matthews had two baskets in the final minute and the Blazers beat the Golden State Warriors 118-110  If you want to know more click here.

Here are a few of the photos from our evening:

thank you to dr H and dr D for this very fun evening!




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