Elise turned One…

my niece Elise turned 1 years old yesterday.

took my new toy with me to see what I could accomplish… still learning to use it and it’s going very slowly huge understatement

only a few photos even made the cut to posting. Not to say that these are so much better than the other shots taken,  but after all it’s a learning process and it has been very helpful for me reviewing my own past work… I learn really well from my mistakes 😉

so here we go…

her tooth is loose and it hurts her gums…. i love the emotion on her face… makes me really empathize with her. I tried offering an apple to help with the loose tooth. 🙂

but… mommy makes everything better!

all smiles...

Elise with her auntie Lucy


that looks yummy and soft

mini cupcakes are the perfect size for little ones… and they were sure tasty

Seth and Abby making a wish for Elise...

and another wish for good measure...

thank goodness I was not the photographer for this event…

I still have a ways to go before I’m familiar with all the controls on the new camera so while trying to adjust this or that… I missed quite a few important moments.

next time it should be a bit better… i hope :||



2 Comments on “Elise turned One…

  1. i love the shots you captured of Elise, especially the ones with the cupcake – she’s adorable!

    glad you’re enjoying your new ‘toy’. 🙂


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