Exciting News

i’ve been wishing and hoping and praying and searching and saving and borrowing… and somehow thursday of last week literally out of the blue the thing that i had been doing all that dreaming about  really happened. Did not expect it to happen until next year but the opportunity that presented itself was just too good to pass up and with the upcoming trip and a few photo shoots planned the timing couldn’t be more perfect. but without further ado here is my exciting news…

I am the proud new owner of this absolute thing of beauty

I am currently learning how to use it but I have to tell you the photos this baby can make blow me away. I am so excited for the new work I will be creating with it and I look forward to each time I get to shoot with it. I hope it will push me to work harder and develope this skill that has me absolutely addicted.

well here are a few photos shot with this guy  -we will be naming him shortly, it’s gotta be something macho and strong though… but I am still trying to get a feel for him before deciding, but I’m sure I’ll be letting you in on that tidbit soon.

fyi – these photos were taken inside of a mall right after my meeting with the seller – I had planned to cruise the mall with Seth and a friend brought her little one too so we got a bit of lite-exercise on a rainy afternoon.


don't you just love that stretch… 🙂


fingers are just so yummy...


almost nap time, good thing the stroller is very comfy...


Seth after about 2 hours in the stroller… so happy for the freedom.


sweet baby Ronan, perfect in every way.


well that is all for my news. now back to the camera manual as both boys are asleep and I can have some time to myself.




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