Luke is 4 months today…

My little lamb is growing quickly…

now that I am working more I see the changes more vividly than before I miss him so much every time I’m gone, and when we are reconnected it’s so much more tender than I could ever express.

Luke at 4 months:

we have yet to have our 4 month visit with his pediatrician so I have no current stats…

however: Luke has started solids as of Monday, my mom started with freshly purred apples and bananas and I repeated the bananas today. We have a little Magic bullet and it works perfectly in purreing fruits so I had some bananas and the kid ate quite a bit. I remember that it was quite an ordeal when I introduced solids to Seth so I was surprised to see Luke so easily take to the food. He is saying things like mom and ma randomly making those noises, it’s so cute I know he has no clue that he is doing it and it’s rare but it has happened a few times now. Seth said ma ma ma around the 4 month mark as well so I was expecting and hoping this would be the case with Luke. I’m sure Chris would have loved to hear da da come out first but well we can’t force these things. 😉

He sits up in his bumbo quite easily and holds his head up steadily for a bit, but it eventually becomes bobbly again, so we still have to be quite careful to support him. He has been gripping things really easily and loves holding on to my fingers and hands and mostly grabbing onto my hair and pulling as if to balance himself. He has started also lifting his head and chest off the couch as if trying to sit up. It’s great seeing these little changes and after spending some time with a friend and her two toddlers  it  made me realize that not too long from now I’ll be looking at two toddlers and that I really need to slow the time down and cherish every moment because before I know it my little Lukie will be running around getting himself into all kinds of mischief.

Today being his 4 month birthday I took him out with his brother (my sister DJ joined us since she was on spring break) and we met a friend and her two little ones at cafe sip’n play, it has been some time since we’ve been able to go due to my work schedule. We had a blast and ended up being there for over 4 hours, sure got our money’s worth this time :). Once we got home I decided that it was time to get our photo shoot done for our 4 month growth and development log.

I got some sweet little shots of both of the boys as well as some of our little doggies too, I very rarely get photos of those two  so it was a very productive photo day.

I can’t believe that in just 2.5 weeks time my son Seth will be turning 2 years old, I can’t believe that he is already there?



2 Comments on “Luke is 4 months today…

  1. how cute! I can’t believe how big Luke is already! I used to think the looked like seth, but he’s starting to look so different now! They do grow up too fast!

    • Thanks for the comment, I agree with you I really feel that Luke is taking on his own look. I’m in love with his lips. 🙂 totally edible.


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