childhood memory

I remember back when I was just a child, living in a little appartment in Romania in Eastern Europe. My mom had this closet which I used to think was huge, but now I know it was just a little square space in the hallway between the kitchen and the bedroom, maybe 4×4 feet wide. This little space with a little thin curtain for a door, was filled to the brim with shoes, especially high heeled shoes  (to this day my mom continues to own some great stilettos, too bad she’s a size 5) . My mom would often find me in there putting a pair on and trying to walk in them… she would scold me every time with the same warning “take those off, do you want to break your neck”.  Pretty harsh warning but I can’t help it that those same words have recently been coming out of my own mouth..

For quite a while now Seth has been trying on big people shoes, it doesn’t seem to matter whether they are men’s or women’s shoes, he just love shoes and the act of putting them on and walking in them, any pair that comes within reach is fair game. Tonight, while I was attempting to spring clean my closet, (didn’t get very far) Seth found himself a pair of my boots and of course he had to try them on. He says to me “mami shoes” as in “these are your shoes mom, look at me” I say yes they are my shoes and he looks at me really intently and says with such attitude that has become a signature for him “mine”.  What a character, don’t use the word my or mine around him, because if he was going to hand it -whatever property that didn’t belong to him but was in his possesion at the moment- over, he now takes those words on as a challenge of making that item his own property and keeping it away from you at all cost.

As the prompt waschildhood memory my goal had been to capture this with my dslr, but since it was night time, and  the dslr was not in the vicinity when this event happened, I grabbed my phone and started clicking away. I realized tonight that it is only a month until my firstborn is 2 years old. How does the time fly like that? I don’t even want to think about the fact that the older he gets, the older I get, eek!!!


I apologize for the quality of the photos they were taken with my phone camera, if you have a squirmy toddler you very well understand  how hard it is to get any good photos of them. 🙂





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