Someone I love

I’ve been away from my laptop for 2 days now and am late on my 30 day photo challenge. I left off with the prompt: Someone I love, now there are quite a few SOMEONES but here is a photo taken a couple of days ago of my little love-bug Seth, we were going to pick up his little brother Luke from grandma’s.

I have to say that my heart couldn’t be any more filled with love for my two little boys and had i taken any recent shots of Luke his photos would be in this post as well. But I’m sure before too long little Luke’s photo will make it in on here. Right now both my little boys are sick, my oldest is almost over something and my youngest is just now starting something. I so wish I could take away their pain and make them all better. I’m praying that God touches both of them and heals them and gives them complete health.

Photo critique: i have to say that taking photos of a kid is very challenging, even in this case where he is sitting in his car seat he is so wiggly and unable to sit still so even though I took like 20 photos some of them were unusable because of motion blur. I think that if I remember correctly my favorite time to take photos of kids was between the ages of 6 mos and 1 year when they don’t quite yet walk but they can sit up. you can plop them down wherever you want and click away.


50mm f/4 1/160sec


50mm f/2.5 1/80sec ISO 200 5 PM in the afternoon


50mm f/2.5 1/80sec ISO 200 5 PM in the afternoon


50mm f/2.5 1/80sec ISO 200 5 PM in the afternoon

don’t let his sweet little face deceive you, he is full of attitude.



One Comment on “Someone I love

  1. i have the same shirt for my little love bug! just got it at nordstrom rack a couple of weeks ago…it was too cute to pass up! he won’t be wearing it till he’s 6-12 months though…



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