bad habit

so i think it’s safe to say that Chris really loves me. 🙂 I mean when a guy is willing to let you get out of the car in the middle of the road, then do an illegal u-turn so that you can take a photo of him speeding, because you want to capture a bad habit (mine) on camera, there’s not much else he wouldn’t let you do. 😉

yup today’s challenge was  – bad habit, well it doesn’t necesseraly have to be my bad habit  (although i’m sure i have plenty), but it has to be a bad habit all the same. I started thinking of all sorts of bad habits such as smoking, over eating, not exercising or flossing, and so on. But on our way to Costco earlier today I saw the speed limit sign and it hit me SPEEDING . Totally a bad habit and one that I commit almost daily, most of the time only by 5mph here and there, but it seems that I’m always in a hurry to where I need to be. 🙂

I’ve actually become aware of times when I decide that I want to go somewhere but I’m not yet showered and ready to go and I start getting anxious. By the time I am all through with my daily routine and in the car to go somewhere I’m already wishing I was already there.  It dawns on me that my life is rushing by. I can still remember when I was 17 and just started dating Chris and falling in love, thinking that I couldn’t wait to grow up and be married and so forth. Here I am a decade + later married with 2 kids and wondering where did the time go? How in the world am I already 31? To my now 17 year old sister I am sure I must seem like an old lady and it is really weird to be on this side of the picture.

All this reflection is making me want to commit to slowing down, enjoy today more, cherish each moment before it’s gone for good. I am so blessed with so much love around me. A wonderful family and close friends, with wonderful coworkers and dear people who come into my life for short periods of time but bless me as they pass throgh. I just want to take this moment and say thank you to the Lord above for all the people that have blessed my life along the way.

here is my shot of the day…

50mm f/5.6 1/320sec ISO 100

Photo critique –  i like the composition the car speeding away and capturing it’s speed on the screen is what I was going for. I think that maybe I should have had my f stop  maybe around 9, and I wish I would have captured the shot before the car got as far into the frame as it did and also that the radar would have had the full YOUR SPEED reading on the screen.

well again if you’d like to join my journey click here for the prompts.




One Comment on “bad habit

  1. really like this how creatively you interpreted ‘bad habit’. and yes, chris must really love you to do this, although i’m not sure going 3 miles over the speed limit constitues a bad habit! 😉

    i definitely like how you composed it and how you post-processed it. good job!


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