photography challenge – from a low angle

this is probably my favorite way to take photos. I love the way it bring a different perspective and makes your subject seem larger than life. I like that it highlights different features and gives more depth to the background. Here are a few fotos I took that are from a “low angle”

50mm f/11 1/320sec ISO 125

50mm f/1.8 1/4000sec ISO 125

50mm f/9 1/300sec ISO 125

ok well since it’s already past midnight I am officially a day late on this post and I am beyond sleepy. I hope I get some photography in this weekend despite the crazy weather we’ll be having here tomorrow and the next week or so.

good night all,


One Comment on “photography challenge – from a low angle

  1. good job, bobi! my favorite are the flower and the mushroom, both the composition and the way you processed them – very pretty and soft. 🙂

    i can’t wait until the tree in front of our house is in bloom…i get obsessed with photographing it each spring because it’s so dang pretty! of course, that only last for a week or 2 at the most, especially if it rains.


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