photo challenge – fruit

today’s challenge was almost gonna be skipped. why? because ever since having baby Luke 3 months ago, I have been on a diet, a very strict diet where sugar is cut out to the max which means I haven’t had fruit in 3 months. crazy I know. I’ve lost 20 lbs though šŸ™‚

ok so we do have some fruit in the house but the problem was that i just didn’t know how to photograph it. It wasn’t a very inspiring prompt for me at least not until I saw the apples and then it clicked for me – apple and apples.

I love almost anything apple (the company) comes out with, I’m such a tech nerd and if i had endless funds i’d spend a lot of money on apple products. well that became my inspiration joining my favorite apple produce -my phone- with my favorite type of apple the granny smith.

here are my pics.

50mm f/2.8 1/320sec ISO 500

50mm f/2.8 1/400 ISO 500


i placed my subjects on a waist high table in the living room, right in front of a big window. the light streaming in shines beautifully on the apple in the 2nd photo. Because it is a gloomy rainy day I bumped up the ISO just a bit when using f/5 (did not include any of those shots) but I could have bumped it down when I opened up my aperture to 2.8 however, I chose not to. Overall I like the color and detail of the photos, exactly what I was going for.

I really would love to take some classes and learn more about photography because I know it would make a big difference but with two kids that’s really not as doable right now as I would like. But maybe someday. Until then, I will keep taking lots of photos and studying other’s work for inspiration. Hopefully that will help improve my skill.


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