sewing project – camera strap cover

I have been seeing some cute camera straps out there and the other day after doing a few hours of photography I realized that I would like something a bit more padded around my neck. So to the fabric store I went (at my earliest opportunity of course).

I did do a bit or research through google before heading out  -camera strap diy tutorial– got me all the info i needed including all the dimensions. Armed with all that information I went fabric hunting. I found some cute patterns on sale which was very nice indeed. I didn’t get to start on the project right away but when hubby came home from work I got a bit of time to start and finish my camera strap.

Click here for the tutorial I used, however there are many out there, this one was just short and sweet exactly what I was looking for.

review: it was supper easy and fast and I love that i was able to do something personal, it’s true that the hardest part is turning the cover right side out. Also very important is that it was very inexpensive, with all the materials the cost was 7$ and I have enough material for 2 more.



2 Comments on “sewing project – camera strap cover

  1. OMG Bobi, I absolutely LOVE it!!! I’ve been wanting a camera strap cover for so long and this one is awesome!!! I absolutely loce the fabrics you chose…You did such a great job…seriously, I’m so impressed with how crafty you are! 🙂

    Oh and I would totally buy one from you… 😉


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