photography challenge – Green

All things are artificial, for nature is the art of God.
Thomas Browne

Today was a work day which meant that I had limited time to take photos. My drive to work takes me through some beautiful rural areas and I when I saw what the day’s prompt was I knew I’d find something green to photograph along the way. Keep in mind that I literally had 5 extra minutes and so I would stop the car, turn on hazards, maybe scale down a few feet of gravel or up a little hill  then try to capture what i saw in a way that it would translate to the photograph.  I think the first and last photos are my favorites, how about you?

50mm f/5 1/40s ISO 160 SOOC - i love the softness in this photo so no post processing necessary in my opinion.

50mm f/9 1/60s ISO 100 the back roads to work is quite scenic and I so wish i had a wide lens to have been able to take some shots of the beautiful landscapes.

50mm f/3.2 1/400sec ISO 100 this photo is cropped way down. sometimes I don't have a clear idea of what my subject should be but I like what's in front of me. But then I look at my photos and in post processing I figure out hmm… that should have been my subject. this is definitely the case for this one. I should have taken a shot of the grass and moss growing around these little trees.

50mm f/7.1 1/400sec ISO 100. Love this photo it is definitely my favorite of all of the ones I took today. I love the different layers of green throughout the photograph and I love the serenity of the sheep taking their morning break from foraging.

 Hope you are enjoying following my journey and if you like please join in. I am doing a 30 day photography challenge and the prompts are here.


Bobi Crisan


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