what i wore today -day 2 of challenge

Today’s prompt – what you wore… it’s hard to photograph this from a literal point of view unless I do another self portrait and we are not doing that again for 29 days 🙂 Today also happened to be a work/leave work after half an hour to go home and take my sick child to the doctor -day. I didn’t remember to do this challenge until the end of the day when it was dark with no light streaming into the windows. Boy I really hope that this will not end up being an all B&W challenge. That would be funny and not haha funny. 😉

Photo 1. Settings: 50mm f/2.2 1/100sec ISO 1600 – for me this photo is no good except that i appreciate the composition. i like that the rings are not right on top of each other giving the subject a bit more interest. However I think that my lights are too bright and the stones are quite flat and very little detail especially in the center stone on the ring.

Photo #2 – Settings – 50mm f/2.2 1/125sec ISO 1600 – i like the detail in the band and I realize that the ring is out of focus due to my shallow depth of field that is why in the following photo I bumped up the f stops.

Photo #3 – Settings – 50mm f/4.6 1/8sec ISO 1600 – i propped the camera on the edge of the table and held it as still as I possibly could without a tripod. the photo is then cropped (a lot) because I wanted a closer view and I don’t own a macro lens or anything narrower than a 50mm lens.

it’s interesting but this is only the second day of the challenge and I am feeling like i’m learning a bit with each post. I hope I continue on this journey and will be curious to look back and evaluate my work and see where I stand at the end.

As always, if you would like to join me on this journey I’d love to hear from you. First here is the link to the Prompts, then comment and leave me a link to your site. Also as these are not done for any other purpose than to help me learn, I welcome all constructive criticisim. Tell me what you would have done differently regarding settings or composition or anything else for that matter.




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