One of Seth’s favorite words these days is “PLAY”. No matter what he is doing, if he is crancky or just unresponsive to my call the moment I say “do you wanna go play” he comes running towards me yelling “play”. I know he knows exactly what that word means and he is always very excited about the prospect play time.  One of my favorite places to take him to play is a little cafe in Vancouver WA called, cafe sip’n play. A fun – made for toddlers and parents – little cafe.

Whomever came up with this cafe is pretty much a genius, in my book. Parents love relaxing with a cup of coffee while their kids expend all that extra energy. A great aspect to this cafe in comparison to others is it’s layout, with a waist high wall separating the cafe from the play area and a child proof gate where kids can’t just wonder out on their own, parents can feel very good about their kids safety. All the toys are age appropriate and very entertaining, keeping the kids captivated for a few good hours. And for me, the best aspect of this cafe is that it provides a time of social interaction for Seth with kids his own size and age, while at the same time giving me a break to relax and chat with a friend or meet someone new.

We visit cafe sip’n play  pretty often these days, almost 1 x a week. However this week since I worked a couple of days, we didn’t get our visit in until yesterday which was a Saturday and boy were they busy. But it wasn’t so bad because I had Chris with me and while he watched Luke, I was able to spend some time with Seth in the play area. I decided to take some photos while watching him and encouraging him to play nice and share with other kids. There was this little girl there that soon became his very cute little tormentor and in turn Seth was her little tormentor. They would play nice for a bit and then all of a sudden it would turn to tears. One of them would refuse to share and I had to step in to resolve their disagreement. I was relieved that even though Seth would get mad at the little girl who kept taking his toys, he never tried hitting her. He used to do that and I am hoping he has passed that stage. Here’s hoping! 🙂

Since I started frequenting this establishment with Seth way before Luke joined our family, I have seen a remarkable increase in his social skills as well as his dexterity and ability to correctly use the equipment and toys provided. He used to not even know how to go down the slide and I would have to catch him or hold his hand as he slid down. Now he not only knows exactly what to do but he is adventurous enough to try going down the slide on his stomach backwards and headfirst. Some of it comes from him just trying it, but most of it is from him observing other kids and then trying the same thing himself. We love this cafe and plan on being frequent visitors for at least the next 4 years. 😉

thank you to all the workers there who are so good at watching out for all the kids and constantly picking up after them.





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